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                        Carpet Customer References
Inst Date
Charles 03-07-18 Power Buy 75
281-642-8333 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The inst aller were awesome.  The carpet  looks great .  I will be doing my fut ure flooring project s wit h your
Bill 03-01-18 PlatinumTexture
281-578-2262 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installers did a wonderful job! The carpet looks amazing.
Fred 02-10-18 Platinum Twist
Aspen Twist
281-989-1007 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker Install was perfect. I expected nothing less. Your company has done a wonderful job for all of
my flooring projects.
Andrew 02-01-18 Inspire Me
Bran Flakes
832-496-7703 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The carpet looks great. The installation was smooth. They were very respectful in moving my
furniture around. Couldn't be happier.
Susan 02-02-18 Silver Twist Accent
Aspen Twist
713-870-7832 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installers were great. I love the way the carpet looks in my home. We choose the right
carpet and the perfect company to install it.
Carol 01-24-18 Live With Me
Vintage White
713-252-8155 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installers did a wonderful job! I was very pleased with the whole
experience from helpful in store purchasing to the installation.
David 01-05-18 Well Played
Almond Bark
832-330-6445 Katry Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installation went very well. The installers were polite, respectful to the property, and
Jose 12-29-17 Well Played II
713-471-3198 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker Everything went well. Installers were professional and paid close attention to detail during the installation.
Gary 12-13-17 Platinum Twist
832-589-8554 Creek Side Joshua Whaley  It was a pleasure working with Joshua he came out ,and measured the same day we
purchased made things very easy for us. If fact we we're in ,and out in about 20 minutes. The installer did a
great job ,and we got a top of the line carpet for a good price. Overall very happy with how everything went
about. Cheer's
Duane 12-07-17 Take Part 
Almond Nougat
713-574-0655 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker I was not surprised to see how well the carpet was installed especially after the amazing tile
installation we had done before with the company. The installers were fast and attention to detail was
Doug Paradigm
Roasted Garlic
678-471-3310 Creek Side Joshua Whaley Everything was fine installer did a great job ,and I am very happy with the service I got from the
Creek side store. Thank you
Melissa Lakey 11-15-17 Take Part
Little Dipper
936-499-4160 Creek Side Joshua W The whole process was the smoothest part of my home rebuild Joshua at the store was very
helpful ,and the installers were amazing completely happy with how everything turned out. 
Billy 10-26-17 Kelsey
832-589-8760 Creek Side Joshua Whaley To sum up my experience it was simply fast, convenient and affordable. Floors for living has very competitive pricing and Joshua was very professional. Installer did a great job and it was nice that Joshua came out and measured the same day. Thanks again.
Leslie 09-27-17 Urban Studio
903-948-7488 Pearland East Joel The entire process of us choosing, buying, and having our new carpet installed was good and we love our new carpet. We would recommend Floors For Living to our friends.
Rudy 08-17-17 Platinum
281-482-0476 Pearland East Joel We love our carpet. The installers did a great job and we would recommend this company to friends.
Rey 07-11-17 Soft Delight
Fall Sky
281-866-5065 Pearland East Joel Joel took very good car of us with a great price on carpet. The installers were AWESOME. They finished our whole house install in about 4 hours. We love our new carpet and so do our friends.
Rosemary Mock 07-05-17 Power Buy 75
832-478-5677 Jersey Village Ruben Castro I love my carpet, much better than what I had. The installers were great and did a fantastic job, I just noticed a trim molding they installed is not nailed properly at the end but Ruben made an appointment and will come back and repair it.
Mollie 07-05-17 Take Part
281-997-2248 Pearland East Joel I liked the people at the store and the install went good. I like my new carpet and I would recommend Floors for Living to people.
Dave 05-23-17 Maiden Race
281-389-5363 Pearland East Joel I liked thw way Joel handled my carpet needs and the installers were great. They finished my entire house in just one day. I would recommend Floors For Living to people.
Michelle 06-19-17 Platinum Texture
Denim Days
832-545-8997 Copperfield Ruben Easiest process ever Ruben was so helpful it was stress less to work with someone that is a
true professional. The installers that Ruben sent were Excellent. My family and I could not be happier. Go see Ruben 
Gina 05-27-17 Lake Front
Evening Shade
713-203-6611 Memorial Christopher Walker The installation team did a great job. I especially loved the customer service I received from the sales associate. Christopher Walker was really helpful in finding us a product that we loved. 
Timothy 04-20-17 Take Part
Angel Wing
713-416-0042 The Woodlands Tommy  Oh My word they were great! I almost called the salesman Tommy when the installers showed up because there were only 2 of them and I didn't know how they were going to move all my heavy furniture. But they had no problems! They got everything done in a few hours, cleaned up after themselves, no dust, nothing but a great job. I already told a couple people to call Tommy if they want carpet!
Nasim 05-02-17

Cashmier Classics 111

832-722-7860 Creekside Joshua W Installer were very clean if they made any mess they immediately cleaned it up. I had a wonderful
experience threw out the whole process. The carpet is so luxurious ,soft ,and beautiful . 
Earlene 05-30-17 Invitational
Ladies Day
713-542-1528 Pearland East Joel Joel gave us a great price on our new carpet and explained our choices very well.  The install was smooth and professional.  We love our new carpet.
Raymond 03-31-17 Bliss cream 281-415-1780 Pearland East Joel We were super impressed with the installers.  They are very nice people. Joel did a good job of helping us chose which carpet would be right for us and for the right price.  We love our carpet.
Robert 04-08-17 Sophisticated Space 34112 281-856-0715 Copperfield Ruben We came in on Wednesday and needed to have it installed on Saturday and Ruben came
through. I am very picky with the seams and I can't see them at all. The installers did a great job. Thanks
Tiffany 04-06-17 Paradox
Walnut Grove
713-806-1969 Pearland West Ryan Ryan at Floors For Living in Pearland, did a wonderful job helping me choose two separate carpets for different areas. The installers did a great job, they were efficient, showed up on time, and were done in about 3 hours. I will recommend that all of my friends go and see Ryan.
Elliot 05-08-2017 Barrington
Souther Autumn Hickory
970-396-2877 Creek side Joshua W I had my wood floors installed by floors for living several years ago we were as pleased then as we are now that we added a few more rooms. Melvin ,and Juan were wonderful they showed up and got straight to work. They had no problems at all moving the furniture ,and they cleaned up real good. They were able to finish it all in one day instead of two ,because they busted there butts. Hard working crew that have excellent craftsmanship. Joshua ,and his team gave great service nothing ,but great things to say Ive already sent my daughter in she plans of redoing her bathroom.
Highly recommended!
Alison 03-25-17 Power Buy 151 
Pale Slate 520
832-275-6660 Copperfield Ruben I was only going to get laminate flooring but because of the sale I was able to get carpet.
Ruben helped me choose one that was soft and within my budget.
Gayle and Victor 5-12-17 Carrolton Antique Cream  832-875-4585
Pearland East  Joel "The people at the store were very helpful with our project and the installers were totally
professional and hard working.  We truly love our floors, they made our home look way better than before. 
We would recommend Floors For Living to our friends and neighbors." 
David 03-27-17 Inspiring Natural Wood 281-881-5915 Copperfield Ruben I was shopping around and had gone to Lowe's but the service was not even close to the service Ruben gave us and the price was so much less. The installers worked tirelessly to get everything done in 1 day.
Gigi 03-20-17 Bridge Gate Route 309-648-2030 Copperfield Ruben Both Ruben's were great. My church looks great. Thanks for the Best pricing and service.
Leslie 10-17-16 Carpet
Tonal Allure Glazed Prailine
832-454-8243 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Carpet looks very good! Brandon was awesome and took great care of us. We enjoy our new floors very much.
Wendell 03-10-17 Carpet
Power Buy 75 Cream
281-352-2241 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Carpet looks great. We are very happy with everything and enjoy our new carpet very much.
Katrina 08-30-16 Carpet
Our Home I Downtown
832-385-3144 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Installers did a great job on the carpet. Brandon did a great job helping us with the process and
everything turned out great! 
Ann 01-27-17 Carpet Platinum Twist Glacier Caves Twist 832-971-7227 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Brandon did a great job of helping us finding the carpet that we like. The installers did a great job of doing the install and everything looks great! We are very happy.
Doug 07-09-16 Carpet
Soft Delight Vanilla Beam
832-465-6654 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Carpet looks great! Brandon took great care of us. Installers were quick and very professional.
Ryan 02-20-17 Carpet
Vivid Colors III Tropic Cove
832-215-1006 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Installers were professional and quick. They did a great job and we love the carpet!!! Brandon was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products to guide us to the right selection.
Colette 03-20-17 Carpet
832-332-4306 Spring Joshua S. I'm very pleased with the whole experience. Very happy with the way everything came out, the
carpet is beautiful. Thank you Joshua for going above and beyond.
Janet 03-16-17 Carpet
Warm Granite
823-654-9430 Atascocita Bryan Fussel I was very excited to get my new carpet installed. Bryan helped me to find the exact colour and style that fit my budget. The installers did a great job. I was really impressed with the way that they installed around the spindles on my staircase. I will recommend Floors For Living to my friends a family.
Donovan 03-13-17 Carpet 
Symphony Chime
832-317-1862 Copperfield Ruben My Carpet had water damage and needed it to be replaced fast. Ruben got on it    immediately
and it was installed by some really good guys. Ruben also did my tile.
Brenda 03-16-17 Carpet
Artisanal Compelling
281-851-1470 Pearland West Shawn Bates (Manager) Installers did a great job and were very fast. Shawn was very helpful in selecting just the right carpet and I will recommend to our friends
Cindy 03-04-17 Carpet
Take Part Almond Nougat
734-735-5718 Atascocita Bryan Fussell I am really impressed with the carpet that Floors For Living recently installed for us. It was a
quality installation and the installers were courteous and efficient. It was also a pleasure working with Bryan. 
Danielle 02-20-17 Beaulieu Hupnotic Barely Blush (832) 317-7323 Pearland West Ryan Ryan was great, he worked with our schedule to come out and take his measurements, and not only arrived when he said he would, but also took the time to walk us through the measurements, so we knew exactly what we were paying for.
The installers also showed up when they said they would, and were quick and professional.
Mary 2-22-17 Shaw Platinum Texture Accent (281)412-4772 Pearland East Joel I called the store the day after her install to share my excitement with the end result.  I considers the carpet perfect and the installers were VERY nice and knew what they were doing. I enjoyed Joel very much and would recommend Joel and FFL to anyone interested in new flooring.
Jessica 01-23-17 Beaulieu Hypnotic White Dove 210-363-6667 Copperfield Ruben I was exhausted and confused but Ruben took the time to help me find a carpet that I would love within my budget.
I needed to have it installed before I moved in. I got taken care of and the installation went real smooth.
Catherine 01-16-17 Phenix Legendary Beauty Suede 832-445-0600 Atascocita Bryan I love my new carpet. We had a very limited time frame to get it installed and Bryan took great care of us. The installers did a fantastic job along with being efficient and courteous. I will definitely use Floors For Living again on future flooring projects.
Doug 1-23-17 Shw take Part Almond Nougat 713-826-4203 Copperfield Ruben C. I shopped around but decided to go with Floors For Living because of the knowledge, professionalism and service.
Installation and process went smooth.
Josh 1-19-17 Shaw Celebrate With Me 713-898-8424 Copperfield Ruben  Nobody wanted to help me but I found Ruben from Angies List. I moved from Copperfield to Kingwood and everyone said I had to go find someone out there except Ruben. I love my carpet but even more impressive than the carpet was the service Ruben gave me.
Lisa 01/17/17 Kane Rigoletto Protege' 979-417-1330 Pearland West Shawn We had Shawn at the Pearland store find us a certain print carpet we wanted for our media room. He was able to find it and had the best price in town. The installers did a great job installing the complex pattern. Im sending my daughter to Shawn to do her whole house.
John 01-18-17 Shaw Right Away Linen 281-61507636 League City Mat F. Went great; the guys did a wonderful job. Everything went smooth - real pleased.
Jeff 01-09-17 Phenix Legendary Beauty 281-221-2672 Atascocita Bryaan I am thrilled with the recent installation of my new laminate flooring from Floors For Living.Bryan was great to work with and offered the the products that best suited our lifestyle and budget.I will recommend Bryan and their installers to any of my friends looking for new flooring.
Arvely 01-09-17 Shaw Take Part Sante Fe Trail 281-424-8877 Atascocita Bryan Bryan gave us great service and was very informative and easy to work with. The installers were excellent. They did a great job in a timely manner and were also very courteous.I would highly recommend Bryan and Floors For Living to anyone.
Wes 01-09-17 Shaw Taking Names Bernie 281-352-6062 Copperfield Ruben We just moved from Alaska and had a tight schedule to get the carpet installed by and a budget we needed to be at. Ruben got both taken care of. We need tile for our bathroom I will call Ruben once we are ready.
Jainab 1-09-17 Shaw XV640 704 832-406-2280 Copperfield Ruben We went in at 7pm on Saturday well after closing time. Ruben was more than willing to do that. We stayed till about 8:30pm and we needed it to have it installed on Monday. He made it happen and we are so happy. Thanks Ruben
Sharon 12-31-16 Sophisticated Space 34110 832-653-6540 Copperfield Ruben Seeing Ruben compared to Empire Today was a night and day difference. Ruben showed us how they have a lifetime warranty compared to 1 year; he showed us the 1000's of positive reviews compared to the terrible reviews Empire has; the financing was longer. I can go on and on there was no comparison there was no reason why not to go with him. I'm sending everyone to Ruben
Gloria 12-15-16 Beaulieu Hypnotic Barely Blush 281-812-1222 Atascocita Darryl  I am extremely please with how everything went with the entire process from the help Darryl gave me to the installation process with Ignacio. Will be getting the rest done after the rodeo and will definitely be using Floors for Living again.
Robin & Dail 12-20-16 Shaw Platinum Texture Summer Heather 281-482-2770 League City Mat F. All looks good, we really like the color.
Debra 12-22-16 Shaw Take Part 713-937-4073 Jersey Village Melissa Laminate and Carpet looks great, my family and friends love it!! The installers did an amazing job and got it installed before Christmas as promised. Melissa was an awesome salesperson and would definitely recommend them to anyone!!
Kjerrel 12-22-16 Shaw Take Part 701 832-800-0316 Copperfield Ruben Unbelievable I went in to see Ruben at about 4:30PM on the 21st of December to buy carpet. Yes right before Christmas. I came in all the way from Atlanta to help my mom get her room situated and I had to leave the next day. Ruben PROMISED me that he would take care of my mom. I was shocked because everyone else did not want to help us. The guys came in and did a wonderful job. We could not be more pleased.
Darrell 12-15-16 Shaw Take Part 832-256-3420 West University Daniel Looks great and installer did a wonderful job. Daniel the Manager at West U took care of me.
Max 12-15-16 Shaw Belong With Me - 101 713-702-2709 Copperfield Ruben We weren't quite sure if we could get are floors done before Christmas. Ruben assured us that it would not be a problem. We even got tile in our bathrooms that look like wood. Ruben explained to us that we could not do real wood so we got the tile that looks like wood and we could not have been any more happier. From Service to Price Ruben got it all right.
Shalane 12-05-16 Shaw Platinum Twist Aspen Twist 281-702-4638 League City Mat F. I was very impressed with installers for both my carpet and wood-laminate installations.  The flooring consultant and installers were very professional. The floors are, Absolutely beautiful, perfect. The installers worked non-stop, called in advance, gave an ETA, then arrived at their ETA.
Roxanne 11-28-16 Shaw Take Part 107 713-369-3363 Copperfield Ruben We needed to re-carpet our rental property and we had gotten  other estimates but Ruben's price and financing was the best. He was so nice and explained the whole process very clearly.
Rutha 11-26-16 Shaw Power Buy 800 Beach Escape 713-384-9118 Copperfield Ruben  I bought laminate, tile, and carpet from Ruben. His installers were nice, clean and fast. I'm recommeding Ruben from Floors to Living to all my Friends
Iolanda 11-25-16 Kane Etta Louvre 281-809-5946 Pearland West Tennille I love the new carpet in my media room. Tennille was a big help during this whole process.  I really like the way the installers put the carpet in, everything is nice and even and looks beautiful.  I'll be recommending Floors For Living to all of my friends!  Thank You
Maggie 10-24-16 Shaw Always Active Vivid Color III  307-760-6202 Jersey Village Melissa After shopping several other stores we decided to purchase from the Floors For Living Jersey Village store as they are convenient to our home along with a great carpet selection. Also we were looking for a specific color for our son's room and found it in the Vivid Color III. We would highly recommend to anyone as Melissa Psencik and Kurt were so helpful and friendly and the installers did a really great job. Thank you
Carla 10-06-16 Shaw Platinum Texture Accent Sequoia Park 281-756-0766 Jersey Village Chris Chris Cherry was very helpful in picking out our new carpet. He suggested a very comfortable memory foam pad and we decided to get it. It feels great to walk on. The installation process went very smoothly and I am very happy with my new floors. Go see Chris Cherry at the Jersey Village Floors for Living Location.
Lavelle 11-23-16 Shaw Reflect With Me Feather 281-780-4587 Leage City Pam The installers did an awesome job.  The carpet looks beautiful!  My sales person Pamela gave excellent service from bringing me many samples multiple times to my home and offering her skills in helping me pick out the perfect carpet color to match my existing floors.  I will do future business with Pamela and Floors For Living at the League City store.   Well done!
Vicky 11-07-16 Tuftex Carbon Canyon Crushed Pearl 281-384-8035 Pearland West Ryan Ryan did a great job working with us for more than a month while we waited for our flood insurance check to come in. The installers were quick, and very professional. I would recommend Floors For Living and Ryan to anyone that needs any type of flooring.
Jean 11-04-16 Shaw Life Elevated White Wash 281-216-7725 Katy I-10 Christian I actually met the owner the first day this store opened. I have been in numerous times and CHRISTIAN
Doris 11/19/16 Shaw Sophisticated Space Bermuda Beige 832-472-4339 Pearland West Tennille I'm so happy to have new carpet in my bedrooms.  Tennille helped me pick a great color and was so patient with me.  The installers did a great job and was finished in a day. Yes, I'm a happy customer!
Carol 11/10/16 Beaulieu - Hypnotic Barely Blush 979-709-2477 Pearland West Shawn  I cant tell you how happy I am with Shawn Bates and his installers. We had such a horrible experience shopping the flooring stores in the Lake Jackson, Clute and Angleton area. After looking at their reviews, we found we were not alone. My daughter and I then shopped several stores in Pearland and when we meet Shawn at Floors for Living we knew we finally found a professional. Shawn took the time to sit down with us, address all our special concerns and answer our questions about the different materials. He made the entire process very easy for us and it was even less that what the stores down here were trying to charge us. The installers were right on time and did a wonderful job putting our new floors in. Shawn helped us select just the right floor for our home it looks amazing! We couldnt not be happier.  We are already spreading the word.
John 11-09-16 Brushed Image Sand 842-237-7339 Creekside Joshua Installers were on time ,and very thorough they asked specific questions they are very meticulous. I am very happy with how everything turned out. Joshua helped me before when I purchased engineered hard wood for my living room. He was very helpful and made the entire process very smooth. When the installers left they did a walk threw with me. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Richard 11-07-16 Shaw Always Active Tonal Nobal 713.232.0113 Meyeralnd Matt G. "Installers were quick and professional. I can't think of anything for the guys to improve on."
Susan 11-01-16 Shaw Platinum Texture Denim Days 713-728-1360 West University Ronald I was very pleased with the carpet choice and installation crew. They took great care in moving the furniture. 
Amber 10-14-16 Beaulieu Hypnotic Pinnacle 512-657-9567 Pearland Shawn I ma so happy with my new carpet.  Shawn helped my find just the right color and style. The installers did a great job. I am definitely going back to Shawn for other rooms.
Kristy 10-10-16 Shaw
Take Part
River Slate
713-516-3728 Copperfield Ruben I'm selling my house and need it something nice and affordable. I found that with Ruben at Floors for Living. He was nice enough to even order me bigger samples of the color just to make sure it was the right one. The installers did a great job. From now on Floors for Living is my go to flooring store.
George 9-13-16 Shaw Platinum Twist Accent
Denali Twist
261.832.2214 League City Mat F. Went perfect. We love it. The guys were absolutely phenomenal.
Cynthia 09-01-16 Beaulieu
818-610-9919 Memorial Matt G. The installers were great and very professional. Smooth and quick sales process.
 Nina   8-16-2016  Shaw Take Part, Color: Red Wine / Fern  832.258.3710  Meyerland #12  Matt Gerken Matt you are a very good and honest sales person. The installers were very hardworking and nice. Floors for Living will handle all of my flooring needs from this point on. Thank you!!!
 Mohammed  8-15-2016  Shaw Take Part, Color: Fawn  832-602-6238  Copperfield  Ruben Price match guarantee, life time installation guarantee, free spot cleaner it was a no brainer. Once Ruben told me the difference between them and Jacks I was sold. I will only use Ruben to do all my rental properties.
 Rita  8-10-2016  Shaw Take Part, Color: Fall Leaf  2815785848  Copperfield  Daniel Stevens Everything came out perfect and my salesman Mr Stevens was wonderful to work with. This was my second time using him.
 Petty & Daniel  08-04-2016  Shaw Take Part, Color: Sophisticated space  281-840-2644  Atascocita  Joshua Whaley Installers were great. I would highly recommend Floors for living.
Bob 8-3-2016  Shaw Take Part, Cameo Lace  281-852-1140  Atascocita  Joshua Whaley Tremendous job!! Highly Satisfied.
 Pamela   7-21-2016  Mohawk Subtle Touch 2G28 Everstrand PET, Color: Cultered Pearl  281-467-2069  18  Associate Carpet looks great. No Problems. Happy with floors for living experience.
 Emily   7-19-2016  Shaw Cathedral Hill (Z6780), Color: Brushed Ivory (111)  832.818.0287  League City  Matthew Martinez Great, installers were great. Matthew really took the time to explain everything to me. He did everything he said he would do
 Caveman Home Theaters  7-19-2016  Joy Carpets, Reeling, Color: Slate  281-537-1738  Airtex Clearance Center  Derek Martin Turned out Great!!! Installer was excellent.
 Elsie  7-05-2016   Anso Nylon, Color: Sunset  281-639-5964  Atascocita  Joshua Whaley The installer were so fast. They did a excellent job.
 Donna   Phenix Legendary Beauty, Color: Sagebrush  985-859-4259  Atascocita  Joshua Whaley Everything turned out great extremely satisfied.
 Doreen  6-16-2016  Beaulieu Thunderbolt 3125, Color: River Rock  832-721-7489  The Woodlands  Theotha Saxton I really like the work that Floors for living has done for Our home. We have used your company before and the work was very nice. So we decided to come back. We will continue to shop with your company. I would recommend my friends to your company. My sales person was Theotha and she was very helpful. With getting everything that I needed to get the house completed. The installers did a great job and they finish quick. My only concern was that they did not give me the runners for the carpet. But my sales lady did tell us where we could find them and save some Money. Thank you floors for living
 Ryan  6-2-2016  Shaw Inspiring, Color: Cold Water  832-967-7375  The Woodlands  Tommy Everything was great, quick, easy and painless. Tommy was great! He helped us find a great color carpet for our upstairs rooms and game room. I actually had a weird dream that the carpet install was left unfinished and I needed to call Tommy and have them come back and finish, then I woke up and remembered it was all done!
 Anne  6-2-16  Shaw Take Part, Color: Santa Fe Trail  281-384-9866  Copperfield  Ruben One of my concerns was that the carpet would rub with my exterior door, Ruben found the perfect one. He also advised me on how I could fix a piece of my broken tile. I would recommend Floors for Living to anyone.
 Joey  6-1-16  Phenix Legendary Beauty, Color: Honey Comb  281-550-0330  Copperfield  Ruben Carpet turned out Great. The installers did an excellent job. Ruben went to another store to find us the right carpet. I would definitely recommend Ruben and Floors for Living.
 Cindy  5-31-16  Shaw Take Part, Color: Fall Leaf   281-413-2888  Copperfield  Ruben Wow I love my carpet. Installers worked fast and very clean. Ruben was pleasant to work with and I would recommend Floors for Living.
 Loretta  5-26-2016  Shaw My Inspirations, Color: Stained Glass  832.570.9935  Sugar Land  Mat Fitzgerald Everything is in and good. Guys were nice; they did a good job." Ms. Henry explained that she was surprised that the installers vacuumed the carpet once installed to show her that the carpet was laid correctly, all in the same direction. She said that she appreciated that since she had a bad experience with another flooring company that "turned" her carpet which is when the same carpet is installed in the house in different directions which can make it appear different colors.
 Annie  5-14-16  Shaw Take Part, Color Santa Fe Trail  713-922-2467  Spring  Ruben I Love the carpet and the 10lb pad. Installers arrived on time. Everything came out as expected. Ruben was great to work with.
 Gwen  04/20/2016  Beauileu Claremont, Sand Swept  281-226-2379  Spring  Daniel Boyer I am so glad I chose Floors for Living!! They exceeded all my expectations! The salesman Daniel Boyer has been in contact numerous times after the installation and actually brought me some remnants for my dog Boudreaux!! I will always refer Floors for Living
 Vivien  4-19-2016  Shaw Platinum Texture, Color: Natural Wood  281-580-5572  Spring  Daniel Boyer Customer was extremely happy. They said that the installers found a very valuble necklace they lost years ago and gave it back!! they are pleased
 Leficia  03-03-16  Shaw Share With Me Cobblestone  713-962-8419  Atascocita  Joshua They did a great job everything was quick and am very pleased, and am looking forward to doing the rest of the house.
 Tom  03-07-16 Shaw Power Buy 800 Moccasin   281-336-0362  Friendswood Michael L.   This carpet is great looking.  It is so thick and plush.  Amazing.  My installers arrived on time and were very professional. Michael, our salesperson was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I strongly recommend Floors For Living and Michael Leonpacher.
 Carolyn  03-04-16 Shaw Power Buy 800 Vanilla Dream   832-569-4419 Friendswood   Michael L. I just love my new carpet.  It is so plush.  Installation was a breeze and Michael made the whole process easy.
Heath  01-02-16  Mohawk Personal Choice Pebble Taupe   832-265-8912  Magnolia  Wendy The crew was timely and did a good job.  Wendy was able to obtain the carpet that we needed to match the carpet we had in the adjoining room even though she did not have it in her store!!
Roger   01-04-16  Beaulieu Legato Black Coffee 281-935-0335   Beaulieu Legato Black Coffee  Wendy  Our carpet is beautiful!!  It feels like we are walking on a cloud!!  The guys showed up on time and they did a great job.
 Shannon  10-31-16  Beaulieu Vivid Chatelle 832-816-0066   Atascocita Darryl   The installers did a great job and worked very hard and we are now looking to doing our gameroom next. Darryl was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us make our selection and making the process easy
 Randy 12-28-15  Beaulieu Hypnotic Weathered Wood   281-639-8426  Magnolia Wendy   Wendy was very helpful, she kept liking until we found the right carpet for our home.  The guys were polite, did a god job and were on time.  We love our new carpet it is so soft and beautiful.
 Phyllis  08-25-15  Shaw Power Buy 75 107 281-419-4885   Magnolia  Wendy   I am very happy with everything!! I will be doing more tile work in the future!
 Mike & Trudy  09-24-15  Shaw Constant Beauty 832-655-2169   Magnolia  Wendy  So happy with the final product!!  Tile went in first and finished up with the carpet.  The guys were great and we are looking forward to enjoying our new floors!
 Tom & Rebecca  07-02-15  Phenix Venis Snow Day  281-346-8429  Katy Grand Lakes  Jeri  Very Satisfied. The S Peek store is not only beautiful but convenient to get to. Jeri helped us select the best materials for our household and stayed with us from start to finish during 3 different jobs following up making sure we were happy. The installers did a great job the floors look great. All around we had a great experience and look forward to our next flooring project with Jeri at the Grand Lakes location.
 Jeff & Stephanie    Shaw Travel With Me - Sunlit Granite 765-661-1775   Magnolia  Wendy  Wendy at the Magnolia Store is very knowledgeable and helpful. The crew was very friendly and polite.  They moved my furniture and were so accommodating! I was so excited that Floors For Living removed my carpet and pad and hauled it off for FREE and moved my furniture for FREE!!
 Carmen  9-20-15  Shaw Constant Beauty Loop City Scape  214-733-9230  The Woodlands Tommy   I was very impressed with the service I received! I worked with Tommy and he helped me find a great looking carpet. The installers were awesome and did a great job. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new floors.
 Kathleen  07-11-15  Shaw Power Buy 75  832-510-5810  Magnolia  Wendy  We were in a time crunch to get our new flooring before our company arrived and Wendy assisted us in finding the perfect flooring, getting us in the schedule and installed with time to spare.  The crew was very good, we are very happy.
 Ester & Steve 05-20-15  Shaw Great Start Breathless 832-559-3159   Cypress  Tony  Installers were polite and professional. Pleased with the installation and the overall job.
 Sharon & Bill 05-18-15   Mohawk - SP235   832-693-2821  Cypress Tony  Both sets of Installers were good and di a first class job. Our real Estate agent said the work was first class and we sold the home in 10 days. Tony was professional and kept me informed and updated on the work.. Highly recommend...
Cherri   07-09-15 Shaw Our Home 3 Sun Bleached  405-640-6759   Cypress  Tony Loves the way both products look in his home Especially the Wood. Installers were clean neat and professional. Pleased with Tony's service from start to finish. Love the Lifetime Guarantee.
 Everett  07-16-15  Shaw Platinum Texture Tonal  713-598-6272  Sugar Land Mat F. They were very good; went very well. Totally different than what we had, really comfortable, pleased with carpet and pad.
 Kristen 7-03-15  Shaw Great Start Breathless   254-482  Katy I-10  Aaron  Looks amazing. Installers did a wonderful job.
 Catherine  04-25-15  Shaw Power Buy 175 Dune  281-913-7763  Katy I-10 Aaron   Very pleased. Installers were outstanding. Thoroughly impressed. Experience was excellent.
 Kenny  5-21-15 Shaw Take Part Fawn  281-622   Sugar Land  Mike C  Very pleased witht the install
 Monte 05-20-15  Shaw Take Part Fawn   281-777-0869 Katy Grand Lakes   Mike L  The installers were extremely Professional.  They arrived on time, and were extremely courteous.  I will continue to recommend Floors and Mike every opportunity I get.
 Sharon 05-21-15  Beaulieu Soft Delight Clove   832-356-6707  The Woodlands  Richard  The entire process, from the moment I walked in the store until the install crew left my house, was VERY, VERY easy! Richard brought carpet samples to my house so I was able to make my selection right then without going back and forth to the store.  The installers showed up before 9:00 AM and called ahead to let me know what time they would be arriving. The crew knew exactly what they were doing and had no problems installing over 1400 sq/ft in 1 day.  Very professional and pleasant experience.
 Andrea  5-18-15  Shaw Beach Escape  713-594-7700  Katy Grand Lakes  Mike L  Floors installed our floors right after we closed on the home.  They made it so easy and the financing was great.  Mike Leonpacher was such a help.
 Robert 4-02-15  Shaw Constant Beauty I Asian Sand 719-640-1460   Sugar Land  Mat  "It turned out really good."
 Stephen  4-03-15  Shaw Loyal Beauty II
Blonde Cashew
   Sugar Land  Mathew  We were extremely happy with the installation! The installers were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. The carpet looks fantastic, just like the last time they did our master bedroom. Matthew from the Sugar Land store made the buying process very easy and straight forward. Will definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs flooring done the right way!
 Judy 3-16-15  Shaw Good Move Vista   713-515-0832  Cy-Fair  Curtis  The whole process was easy from start to finish.  I already knew what carpet I wanted before I went into the store. They beat the bid from another flooring store that I had by 5% which saved me money.  The carpet installer Bocane was great.  Thanks!
 Margaret  3-14-15 Shaw Brushed Texture II Pristine   281-324-9618 Atascocita  Darryl  I love my new carpet and everything turned out great. The guys were courteous and nice. Darryl was very professional and helpful in helping me with my carpet selection. Will definitely be going back to complete the rest of my floors. 
 Karen 03-03-15   Shaw Constant Beauty II Bird House 281-262-0200   Sugar Land  Roland  Installers did a fantastic Job! I really felt comfortable in my home as the installers were their. Roland at the Sugarland store provided excellent customer service. I am very pleased with my install!
 Mary  03-06-15  Phenix Legendary Beauty Silver  720-222-0687  Sugar Land  Roland Installers were nice and clean! Floors for Living did a great job.
 Karen  3-07-15 Shaw Take Part Sante Fe   281-208-2488 Sugar Land   Brandon  "Great Customer Service, the install team was nice and quick."
 Janice  12-13-14 Shaw
Power Buy 800 
Shooting Star
   Katy Jeri    I am so pleased with my new carpet. It's soft and plush it looks so nice. The installers were polite and courteous. They moved all the heavy furniture for me and put it right where I asked them to. I am exceptionally pleased with the professionalism I received from Jeri. She answered my calls promptly and her follow through was certainly appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting new window treatments after the first of the year and I definitely recommend this company.
 Gretchen  12-01-15  Shaw
Vivid Colors II
Lavender Scent
Sweet Grass
Rich Leather
   Magnolia  Richard  It was a pleasure working with Richard.  The installers arrived on time as promised.  The entire process, as a whole, was fast and painless.  I will definitely do business with Floors for Living in the future.
 Ingrid  1-5-15  Shaw
Take Part
Silk Stone
281-299-2335   Cy-Fair Curtis   We are selling our home and went to Floors for Living for new carpet before we put it on the market.  Curtis was very helpful and patient in helping me select the best carpet and color for my budget and needs. The installers were very professional and finished in the time alotted. Will use again when I buy my new house.
 Ryan & Julie  1-15-15  Shaw Take Part Fawn    Cypress  Jeri  This company is very professional, the installers were fast, and everything looks great.
John 12-15-14   Shaw Take Part  214-704-7638 Spring  Jared   I needed carpet for my RV! Jared has done several other RVs in the park and once again they did a great job!Thanks
 David  11-24-14 Shaw Constant Beauty - Marble Top   281-392-5739  Katy  Mike L  My wife loves it. Michael was really helpful in the showroom and the installer did a great job of installing.
Clois   10-23-14  Shaw Take Part Almond Nouget  281-693-0969  Katy  Mike L  The carpet looks great.  Installer were courteous and did a great job.  Our salesman Mike did a fabulous job as well. I would recommend Floors for Living to everyone.
 Debbie  9-3-14  Shaw -
Take Part
Click Here for more product information.
 206-850-2246  Meyerland  Mike L  When a woman showed up to install my carpet I thought that this wasn't going to work.  My God this woman Carmon was awesome.  She and the crew did a great job.  Mike walked us thorough the entire process for my elderly father. Fantastic Company.
 Katherine  9-20-14  Beaulieu Soft Delight Oatmeal 517-795-0269   Pearland  Marilyn  Everything looks great. Installer do the job professional and clean up good. Only one little thing that having some nails on the stairs that bother us and I did take it out.
Marilyn helps us to pick the right carpet to fit with our homes and our budget.
We definitely will do more business with this company again for future rooms.
 Juan  8-28-14  Shaw Power Buy 800    Meyerland Mike L   Installer were Great.  Installation went just as smooth as Michael had promised.
 Helen  8-19-14 Shaw Loyal Beauty III     Meyerland  Carlos  Very happy with selection.  Installers were very nice, on time, expedient and professional.
 Doug 9-8-14   Beaulieu - Soft Delight 713-729-3521   Meyeralnd  Carlos Floors Turned Out Great, Better Than Expected.  Installers were efficient and cleaned up properly. Wife Is In Love With New Floors.  Would Recommend Us To Friends & Family.
 Helena 7-14-14  Beaulieu Overtures  818-256-9665   Spring Jared   Installed 3500 sf of a patterned carpet in my home! Jared knew exactly what I wanted and was right when he told me that I would like the carept even more when it was installed! I love it and highly recommend to use him and Floors For Living! Thanks
 Doug  2-10-14 Shaw - Take Part   713-818-4369  Spring Jared  Second project Jared helped me with, this time was the rental and the products look great, the price was perfect, and the installers did a great job! Highly recommend Jared and Floors For Living!
 Jackie  1-20-14  Tuftex - Casual Magic
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 281-903-7883  Sugarland  Roland  It is hard to believe how time gets away from me!  It has been over a month since our carpet was installed, and we are loving it.  Our dog did a job on it in the doorway of a room we had her closed up in, but that was our fault for not realizing she would try to paw her way out!

You were so helpful with our selection process.  We especially appreciate the help you gave us when the time came to install it.  Taking the sample forward to the mill, and determining there was a problem with the color, your working with us to satisfy that, and our decision to keep what was installed has shown what a "customer friendly" person you are, and the company you represent.  We will always give you and Floors for Living high recommendations.

We appreciate all of the attention you gave us in getting everything to the point of total acceptance.

Many thanks, and blessings!
 Adel  2-05-14  Phenix Legendary Beauty
281-682-4-53  Spring   Jared  It was a pleasure working with Floors For Living! Jared set my expectations very high and the installers followed through. Very proffesional company and we are pleased with our home improvements!
 Christine 2-3-14   Shaw Oak Harbour  713-444-7595  Cypress   Mary  We are so pleased with our new carpet.  The installers did an amazing job and worked so hard to get it done in 1 day.  Mary was very helpful in helping us make a decision on best color choices. My home feels fresh and clean.  Thanks Floors For Living!!
 Joseph  1-04-14  Shaw - Sincere Beauty II - Beach Walk  832-655-0390  Cypress  Mary When arriving at the Cypress Store I was greeted by Mary.  She helped me make my carpet decision based on style and texture.  I love the soft feel of my new carpet.  The installers were amazing moving my furniture.  My older house looks new again and I owe it all to stopping in at Floors For Living and the experienced and helpful sales help from Mary.  Thanks so much!
 Mr. & Mrs. Wilcox    Shaw - Constant Beauty III - Marble Top
Click Here for more product information.
 281-363-3648  The Woodland's  John John was our sales man and he was great.  Extremely efficient, he listened to our needs and helped us make the right decision.. The installers where very nice and efficient.  We are very pleased
 Katy 1-16-13   Shaw - Take Part - Fawn Click Here for more product information.  713-208-2285  West University  Mat "While carpet shopping for our inner loop townhouse, my husband and I visited the West U Floors for Living location. The store manager Mat made it a quick and easy process with no surprises. He was able to provide the positive and negative aspects of each option we were considering and helped us make an informed decision regarding both the carpet and padding selection. In addition, he was able to take a same day measurement and have the carpet installed within a week. Between the service and the upfront pricing, we would definitely recommend this place to others and use them again in the future.
 Robin  08-01-13 Shaw Simple & Elegant 801   281-804-0531  The Woodlands Jeremy   Simply put - Jeremy and the installers were excellent, proficient, and professional...
 Molly 07-17-13   Carpet 281-723-2248   Spring  Jared  I used Floors for Living to help me make a rug and it turns our that they helped me to fix my carpet that Jack's Carpet wouldn't! I bought it 4 years ago from Jacks and they didn't have enough to finish it. The completion was delayed a week and then the installation was poor. After a bunch of phone calls I got nowhere. Jared helped me to get a guy to come fix the seams and restrech it for a very low price so I could sell it. Thanks Floors For Living!
Susan  06-17-13  Shaw - Luxe / Panama    Spring  Jared  This is the second project Floors For Living did for me.  Both times they were great!  My new carpet looks beautiful!  I'm very satisfied and recommend them!
Walter  06-15-13  Shaw - Power Buy 275 / Safari Linen   281-719-8584   Spring  Jared  Jared helped me get the carpet I wanted.  After shopping at Jack's, Spring carpets and Empire I realized Floors For Living was the best.  Jared tried to help me instead of sell me which was the reason for the purchase!  Installers did a great job I'm recommending this company!  Please feel free to contact me as a reference! 
Eva  06-08-13  Shaw - Everyday Easy / Buff  713-906-6914  Spring  Jared  Very easy process!  Jared was very helpful and knew exactly what would match the old carpet and it looks great!  The installers cleaned up and were great!  They even fixed my broken post on my staircase!  Thanks a lot!   
Jay  05-30-13  Mohawk - Desert Isle / Neutral Ground  936-203-4850 Woodlands  Chris  Floors For Living was willing to work with us.  They were nice, efficient and we love the carpet! 
Ash 05-27-13  Shaw - Star 5 / Vanilla     West University  Terry  Guys showed up on time and did a great job! 
Krista  05-23-13  Phenix - Sun Valley / Sea Shell    Sugar Land Roland  Price was everything to win my project.  They beat the price and we are very impressed with the install team.  Looks fabulous. 
Dennis   05-14-13  Shaw - Sincere Beauty II / Clay Stone    Spring  Brandon  Our carpet looks awesome.  Brandon and Floors For Living made the whole process so easy.  The installers were very careful with my things and detailed with their work.  Thanks again Floors For Living!
Mary  04-29-13  Phenix - Legendary Beauty / Heirloom   C2-474-3183  Woodlands  Chris  Chris was very helpful in the store with the selection and the installers were extremely efficient. 
Cypress Breakfast House  03-30-13  Beaulieu - Piedmont / Rockdale  Cypress  Cedric  Looks Great!
Aneta  03-29-13  Phenix - Westlake / Flamingo  832-620-7650  Spring Jared The carpet is perfect, exactly what we wanted.  It was a great experience with Floors For Living.  Jared and the installers were great!  Thanks 
Matt  03-13-13  Phenix - Legendary Beauty / Stone  281-900-0001  Woodlands  Chris  The whole process was simple.  Everyone was courteous.  We are very happy. 
Eric  03-12-13  Kane - Grand Destinations / Journey's End     Sugar Land  Mike   The stairs flow perfectly into the pattern in the game room.  PERFECT!  
Eric  03-12-13  Kane - Grand Destinations / Oasis    Sugar Land  Mike  The carpet makes the red leather seating just POP.  What a TV room. 
Kimberley  03-11-13   Tuftex - Mission Ranch / Spa Green & Kohl Brown  281-685-2696  Spring  Jared  We installed a Texas star in the middle of a media room, the installation was perfect.  It was very difficult but Floors For Living made it happen flawlessly and affordably.  Thanks Jared and the install crew, keep it up!!  
Eric  03-11-13  Kane - Enthused / Wild Oats    Sugar Land  Mike  Just look at the picture, its worth a thousand words. 
Fred 03-07-13  Phenix - Sun Valley / Calfskin 281-507-1289 Webster Chris  Chris worked with us from start to finish.  He had the best installers that we have ever worked with.  Chris helped us get the products we needed to fit our budget.  5 Star Service!
Geraldine  03-06-13  Shaw - Star 5 / Vanilla  281-242-1246  Sugar Land   Mike  Mike made the whole process so easy.  He came out and measured and used a computer to figure exactly how much carpet I needed.  The installation went as smooth as silk.  Everyone was so courteous and helpful.  I highly recommend them to everyone in Sugar Land. 
Horacio 03-05-13  Phenix -Greenbriar / Rivera 786-295-3168 Woodlands Chris The carpet looks great!  We are very happy.
Tom  02-12-13  Shaw - Charger / Fawn  281-261-6836  Sugar Land Mike Mike made this so easy.  We were in and out of the store in 30 minutes. 
James  02-09-13  Shaw - XV640 / Adobe   Sugar Land Mike  Color is perfect for our paint.  Mike did a great job.
Bruce  02-06-13  Phenix - Greenbriar / Stardust  281-794-0240  Woodlands  Chris  Great flooring at a great price! 
Laurie 01-31-13  Shaw - Charger / Fawn  832-372-4948  Spring Jared  Price was great and the installers did a great job.  Turn around was 2 days from purchase to install.  Definitely recommending this company to friends!  
Andrew  01-13-13  Kane - Moonbeam / Cosmos  832-428-9923  Cypress  Jeri  The carpet is beautiful.  We are so pleased!  We look forward to doing our future projects with Floors For Living. 
Gary  01-08-13 Mohawk - Unity / Mesquite 281-304-2026 Cypress  Jeri The guys were great!  Due to rain the installers had to take the carpet back to the warehouse to cut for each room.  They were very polite, worked hard, and no complaints for all the extra work and extra time it took to complete the job.  Very pleased with the over all experience and would recommend this company.
John 01-04-13  Shaw - Sought After / Warm Cider  281-686-5492  Spring Jared  Carpet is beautiful!  Installers did a great job and were very professional.  Great price and great service, highly recommend! 
 Caylon 12-29-12   Mohawk - Lasting Allure / Beach Front 832-385-5950  Webster  Cris Everything looks great!  I appreciate you working around my construction schedule.  Look forward to using Floors For Living again.
Pricilla 12-22-12  Phenix - Windmere / Rocky Road   281-528-7935  Woodlands Chris  Chris was terrific!  The installation and transition to the new carpet went very smooth.  Fantastic experience!
 Lori 12-17-12 Phenix - Crystal Cove / Lagoon  281-203-7828 Woodlands  Chris Oh my goodness, our floors look wonderful!  Thanks Chris!!
Richard  12-15-12   Phenix - Sun Valley / Foliage   281-778-9514 Sugar Land  Mike   
 Brenda 12-14-12  Shaw - XV640 / Marshland  281-910-6206   Sugar Land Mike 
Tim  12-14-12  Shaw - Charger / Fawn   832-483-6012  Woodlands  Chris  We had an excellent buying experience with Chris.  He found exactly what we wanted and kept it within the budget we needed.  I was also very impressed with Rafael and his crew that installed our carpet the very NEXT DAY. They were very professional and extremely efficient.  Absolutely perfect!!
Judy 11-27-12   Shaw - Charger / Sante Fe Trail  281-440-5498  Woodlands Chris Chris and his team were wonderful start to finish!  I love it!!
 Chris 11-20-12     Shaw - Charger / Pearl Mist  281-313-4622 Sugar Land   Mike  This was the easiest one stop shopping expierence.  Michael knew exactly how to fill our needs and was out to measure at the drop of a hat.  Installation was flawless.  Highly recommend.
 Chris 11-17-12   Shaw - Timeless Appeal III / Almond Flake  713-876-1082    Sugar Land  Mike My wife and I were truely impressed with the attention that was paid to the details during the installation.  Michael was really on top of this installation.
 Harry 11-02-12   Mohawk - Talk of The Town / Apple Blossom  281-370-2815   Cypress Chris  Chris was great from beginning to end.  The install went very smooth as well.  Thanks Chris!  Thanks Rafael(Installer)!
 Carla 10-29-12    Shaw - Timeless Appeal III / Mushroom  337-849-4707  Sugar Land  Mike Mike made the whole process so easy.
 Mark 10-26-12   Shaw - Allouette III / Adobe 832-621-8173 Louetta Cille We will recommend Floors For Living to everyone!  Cilles service was impeccable!!  She made every process easy and is very professional.  The was meticulous.  Thank you!!
 Jeff 10-26-12  Shaw - XV640 / Crisp Linen &
Timeless Appeal III / Muffin
720-470-0218 Sugar Land Mike Made the experience so easy.  Sold us the carpet "Subject To Closing" on our new house.
Kane - New Leopard - Caracal
Sugar Land
Looks beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for.
Beaulieu - Baytowne 20 / Spice
Installers did a great job.  Jared had the best price and worked to get it installed on none business hours.  Highly recommend!
Shaw - Charger / Sante Fe
Chris's customer service was excellent.  The installation was timely and professional.
Beaulieu - Whispers / Sweet Nothings
Great flooring, great value!  Rafael and his crew were prompt, courteous and professional.  Perfect job.  Thanks Chris and Floors For Living!
Mohawk - Welcome Addition / Rich Chocolate
Our daughter's room was installed and then our son's room had to be done as well.  They both love it.
Tuftex - It's Alright / Oat Cake
Floors for Living worked under our time table during our remodel.  The installation went perfect!  We are very happy customers!
Mohawk - Harmony / Cashmere
We are very pleased with our service quality and product we selected.  Count us as very satisfied customers.
Shaw - Star / Windsor Cream
The installers were very professional, we are very satisfied with the work.
Tuftex - Glen Avon / Antique
Very pleased with the high level of service.  Installers were very professional.  I will do all of my flooring business with Tony.
Shaw - Versatile Design II / Vintage Wine
Very thorough, we are very happy and would definitely recommend Floors For Living.
Shaw - Timeless Appeal II / Stucco
We love it!  Great carpet at a great price and Ralph was the best.
Tuftex - Glen Avon / Buttercreme
Sugar Land
Great service in the store, and excellent installation.  Highly recommend!
Shaw - The Fair / Abalone
Kane - Persian Skins / Kenya
There sale was great, installers were fantastic.  Very professional company, highly recommend!
Shaw - My Dream II / Birch
Sugar Land
We were impressed from start to finish with the customer service.
Mohawk - Starcrest / Pecos
 The Woodlands
Overall great experience.  Loved the installers, they went above and beyond.
Shaw - Texture Platinum
We shopped around all over, Jared gave us the best price and was totally up front with everything.  The installation was great and I am very pleased with everything.
Tuftex - Move on Up / Tweed
The Woodlands
Absolutly love it!  The whole experience with Floors for Living was exceptional, especially the customer service.
Shaw - The Fair / Airy White
Jared was great and knew exactly what would look good.  The installation was fabulous, and all at a great price.  I would highly recommend this company!!!
Shaw - Maybrook / Shell
I absolutely love it!  Great color, great carpet!
                                  Tile Customer References
Inst Date
Suzanna 01-22-18 Sophia
361-207-5932 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The tile installers were pros. They work fast and precise. I am
overwhelmed with how beautiful my home looks.
Monica 01-27-18 Hacienda
504-237-3810 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker  The floor looks amazing. It has really transformed my living room. I am
very pleased with the quality of work the installers did. 
Carl Cooper 01-10-18 Hacienda
301-861-8338 Creek Side Joshua Whaley The guy's did a great job they worked very efficiently ,and cleaned up real good before the left.
The tile work looks really nice I am very happy with how it all came out. Joshua was very helpful made the
process very easy. Highly recommend floors for living. 
Theresa Perry 01-06-18 Pier
Santa Monica
936-672-3101 Creek Side Joshua Whaley  Installers did a great job they worked real hard ,and got everything finished on time. We
worked with Joshua ,and I am very please with his service. I'll be sure to refer friends ,and neighbors to
Floors for living.
David 12-07-17 Hacienda
832-330-6445 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker  Tile installation was great! The crew even work through the tough weather which we were
surprised by their dedication. 
Thuc 12-14-17 Positano
832-818-3051 Katy Grand Lakes Larry Bridges  Very happy with the installation. An easy and great experience.
Deann 11-06-17 Treyburn
Antique Chateau
713-731-1214 Pearland West Shawn We just to let you know what a wonderful the installers did and beautiful to floors look. Shawn
helped us select the tile and it look so nice. We have already sent several friends and neighbors to Shawn
for their floors and they too are very happy
Duane 11-29-17 Savannah
713-574-0655 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker Christopher helped us make a great selection. We are really happy with the installation. It looks
beautiful in our home and the installers did better than I could have even expected.
Luis 11-27-17 Explorer
708-769-8565 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker Very happy with the installation. They even finished earlier than expected!
Kenneth 12-01-17 Petrified Hickory
832-463-7071 Creek Side Joshua Whaley Installer's we're fine they are hardworking ,and got the whole thing done quicker than expected.
I am very pleased with Floors for living ,and Joshua's was very helpful.
Fred 09-06-17 Riverwood
713-416-3320 Pearland East Joel I was amazed by the crew that installed my tile at my home from  FFL.  The guys were Very
professional and helpful.  One of the younger guys forgot his knee pads one day.  Because I am a retired
professional carpenter, I had an old pair of them so I gave my old pair to the young installer.  I also bought
the crew lunch every day because I so enjoyed having them at my home working.  I am not very easy to
impress.  Joel at the store was also super helpful and provided me a great service at a super reasonable
price.  I am super satisfied with what Floors For Living did at my home.
Jeffery Shnsato 07-15-17 Treyburn 832-499-6629 Creek Side Joshua Whaley Joshua was very friendly ,and helpful from carrying the tile samples out to our car ,and
following up with us after the tile was done. The installers where nice cleaned really well ,and was really
fast got the whole job done in 2 days instead of 4. I will be coming back next month to have my Master
bedroom done.
A G 06-22-17 Hacienda
805-895-5620 Creek Side Joshua W Everything turned out great I am very happy with everything. The installer where very
hardworking ,and they did a great job. I love my new floors I would recommend seeing Joshua in Creek
side park.
Jeff 10-21-17 Pier
832-499-6629 Creek Side Joshua Whaley This is the second time I've used Joshua at the Creek Side location. He provides excellent service and was always available when I needed him. The installer Eduardo and his crew are exceptional worker's I've recommended Floors for Living to all my friends and nenighbours.
Robert 10-26-17 Petrified Hickory
832-764-6975 Creek Side Joshua Whaley Very pleased with the whole process Joshua was very attentive, and the installers are very meticulous. I was affected by the flood, and I was so happy that I was able to get everything I needed done by one company Joshua was professional, and I will be recommending everyone to Floors for Living.
Mitchel 07-05-17 Via Piave
Nova Beige
484-467-3719 Pearland West Shawn Bates We  had porcelain tile installed in four rooms including closets and master bath. My wife and I are pleased
with the whole experience from purchase to installation.
Store Manger Shawn Bates was both friendly and professional. He answered all our questions and explained in a clear
manner everything we needed to know about the different types of tile material their costs and especially there unique
installation process that gives our floors a nice uniform look.
The installers were very nice and put a good plan in place  that caused the least disruption For us and our pets. While
moving furniture and walking through our home they were both careful and respectful and did a great job of cleaning up
at the end. 
James 08-14-17 Western Stone
Gold Rush
713-991-0704 Pearland East Joel We really love our new tile. Joel showed us how a certain kind of tile called bull nose would make our floor look much better than the way the tile was installed before. He was right, it does look much better. The installers were great, too. We will be back soon to buy some carpet for the rest of the house.
Dario Estrada 07-01-17 Hacienda
713-775-9253 Creek Side Joshua W Everything was great the installer did a great job ,and Joshua was made every thing quick ,and easy. The
tile we choose was in stock ,and Floors for living was able to have everything done in the short time frame i needed. I will be coming back to finish the other rooms.
Cindy 06-03-17 Sygma Ice 713-412-6990 Memorial Christopher Walker Loved the installation and enjoyed the customer service I received in store from Christopher my sales associate. Everything turned out perfect.
Elaine 05-22-17 Hacienda
505-908-7239 Atascocita Bryan Fussell We recently completely renovated our kitchen. Floors For Living were great to work with. They removed our existing tile so that we could have our new kitchen cabinets and island installed. Then they came back out to install our beautiful new wood look tile floors. The installers did a great job and respected our property. Our salesperson (Bryan) did a great job following the project from the date of the sale through completion. Bryan followed up after the floors were installed to make sure everything was perfect. I would suggest that anyone looking for a quality installation and lifetime installation warranty to visit Floors for Living.
R.J. 04-08-17 Vintage Cleft Fantasy Ember 832-439-6493 Pearland East Joel Grace Joel at the Floors for Living Store in Pearland was very helpful with the product selection and the installation process.  The floors are beautiful and our friends have commented on how good our home looks with the change.  The price at Floors for Living was the best we found and we were able to take advantage of the financing.  We are now planning on doing more work at our home in other areas.
Diana 4-10-17 Vintage Cleft 20x20 Forthbrook Multi Carlsbad Beige 281-704-3633 Copperfield Ruben  Ruben is so nice and patient I wanted to get new flooring for my house and he was helpful and
took his time showing us samples until we found the right one
Luis Fierro 03-31-17 Petrified Hickory
915-637-5894 Creek Side Joshua W The installers were awesome they worked really fast and truly know there craft. I am very happy with how the floors came out. Joshua was awesome he was very informative and I was very happy with his services.
Linda & AJ 03-06-17 Pier 
Santa Monica
281-615-6502 League City Mat Fitzgerald Everything went good. I was very pleased with everything. They did a really good job.
Mary 03-17-17 Tile
Petrified Fossil
281-352-2674 Airtex Derek Martin I was referred by a friend and I am so happy I went to see Derek Martin at the Closeout Center on Airtex. Derek was great. He explained everything to the T. Their installers were great as well.
Theona 03-21-17 Tile
Ava Terrina Giallo Polished
281-865-6416 Copperfield Ruben We only wanted to get laminate but we went ahead and did our entry with this beautiful tile.
Our experience with Ruben was great from beginning to end. The installers got everything done a lot sooner than expected.
Derrick 03-09-17 Tile 
Fired Hickory Nutmeg
713-823-2013 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Brandon did a great job helping us with floor selection. The floors look great. We truly love
them. The installers were great as well and did a real good professional job. We are very Happy!!
Susan 12-21-16 Floorte 
Sumter Plus Dutch
713-289-8806 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Installers did a great job. Very professional and nice. Floors look great!
Ryan 01-27-17 Tile
Petrified Hickory 
832-215-1006 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield The installers were great with the tile install. We had a Hyper Pattern install and the installers
did a great job installing the pattern. We are very happy with the tile install !
Victoria 03-13-17 Tile
Petrified Hickory Fossil
281-250-7177 Atascocita Bryan Fussell I am so happy with my new tile floors. The installers were great. They installed over 1,600 sf
and completed the job right on schedule. Bryan, the salesperson was always available to communicate
with. I highly recommend Floors For Living.
Joseph & Ilda 03-13-17 Tile
Pier 6x36
713-398-1962 Copperfield Ruben "RC" Castro We love our new floors! look great and happy with the installation and our new look. Floors made it easier for us to finance instead of paying full price in advance.
Donovan 03-08-17 Tile
Heritage 6x24 Cherry
832-317-1862 Copperfield Ruben I was trying to match an existing tile, but it was basically impossible. So Ruben suggested we go with something that coordinates. Wow was he right. It looks so good and I choose a herringbone pattern to make it a little unique. The installers did a phenomenal job.
Ralph 02-06017 American Tile Gyprseamidas Izimin Mountain 713-907-6012 Copperfield Ruben My master bathroom looks like something you find in a model house. The mosaics look great including my kitchen and fireplace. Ruben and his crew went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend Ruben to anyone.
Eric 1-13-17 Marazzi Norwood Chestnut (281) 683-7337 Pearland West Ryan I worked with Ryan and Shawn at the Pearland location by Don Picos. They were very professional, and courteous. My new floors look great, and the installers actually got done a full day ahead of schedule.
Tracey 02/17/17 Mohawk Treyburne Antique Charcoal 281-660-8531 Pearland East Joel Grace I was very happy with the product and the installation. The shopping experience at FFL was a pleasant one  and I would be willing to take a phone call from anybody interested in new flooring for their home.
Dennis & Janel 02/13/17 Marazzi Preservation Pertrafied Gray 979-255-3926 Copperfield Ruben C. We are just want to say that our houses looks sooo AMAZING! The quality of the work and the crew that came out were great, professional and worked hard and extra to get the job done in a timely manner and looks great!
Cynthia 01-30-17 Mohawk Via Piave Luna Grey 20x20 832-723-1260 Copperfield Ruben C. I am very, very happy with my new tile on both master and guest bathrooms. Looks amazing compared to tile work I had from Lowe's in the past. Workers were so professionals, clean and not messy. Left my house looking clean by picking up after themselves.
Beth 01-30-17 Mohawk Stage Pointe toasted Walnut 801-319-1933 Atascocita Bryan I am thrilled with my new tile floors. I selected a wood look tile with 2 different widths. I love the way it looks and am so glad I selected this product. Bryan called me after the installation to make sure we were happy. Everything was great from the product and value to the installation.
John 01-23-17 Shaw Petrified Hickory Ancient 281-540-3071 Atascocita Bryan I am extremely happy with the new floors that Floors For Living recently installed in my home. I could not believe the quality of craftsmanship on my tile installation. The tiles are flat and the grout lines are super thin and even. From my experience with Floors For Living, I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Bryan for your extreme customer service during the entire process.
Kristi 01/30/17 Shaw Petrified Hickory Fossil 281-323-0877 Airtex Derek All the work is great. We love it.
Jim & Lynn 01-25-17 BPI Creek Wood Birch Stream 713-983-7042 Copperfield Ruben C. Very happy with the new tile at their den and satisfied with all the work done. We had looked at other places but a neighbor recommended you guys and I love what we got.
Claudia 01-09-17 Emser Bombay 12x24 Satara 832-725-2415 Atascocita Bryan We are so pleased with our new kitchen floors. Floors for Living removed the old existing tile and installed the new tile that we had selected in their beautiful showroom. We love the small grout lines and stain resistant grout. Bryan was with us all the way through the installation and followed up with us after completion. We would definitely recommend Floors For Living.
Josh 01-16-17  Marazzi Norwood Chestnut 6x24 713-898-6424 Copperfield Rfuben Easiest thing I did was see Ruben, easy to work with and got all my tile installed before I moved in to my new house.
Claudia 01-09-17 Emser Bombay 12x24 832-725-2415 Atascocita Bryan I am so happy with the new tile floors recently installed in my foyer and kitchen areas. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Our salesperson Bryan took great care of us through the entire process and called to follow up after the installation was completed. I will recommend Floors For Living to anyone I know looking for new floors.
Steven 01-02-17 Shaw Hacienda Macadaimia 832-585-4580 Creek Side Joshua W Every thing is awesome. I made sure to call Arturo afterwards to tell him how great every thing turned out ,and how pleased i was. Joshua was very helpful and the Creek side location had the tile I choose installed on the floor witch made my decision a lot easier. I am impressed with Floors for living work I will be coming back in a few months to get my new carpet installed. Thanks again
Arnel 01-03-17 Shaw Petrified Hickory Fossil 901-848-0665 Pearland Tennille Tennille our floor is done! We are very satisfied. Carlos and all of the workers did an excellent job! THANK YOU! I am referring two of my friends to you who are planning to have their floors done. Anyway, we are so happy, you are awesome and the installers did an excellent job!
Reagan 12-29-16 American tile Avenue 18x18 Concreto 832-444-41-6 Copperfield Ruben Ruben was great, but the installers made him look even better. They were clean and efficient. Now I'm looking at bathrooms as the next thing I will do with Ruben.
Heather 1-4-17 Shaw Petrified Hickory 36" Fossil 713-542-3739 Memorial Jared I purchased wood floors from a small company 2 years ago. After 1 year they started buckling and of course my 1 year warranty was up. I met with Jared and he explained to me that this is common with 1 year installation packages. So we had to redo it (again). Jared showed us tile and it matched perfectly to the colors we wanted. The crew did a great job and we are happy. They even sent a guy out to check on the installers to make sure everything was going good. Thank you and be careful who you buy from because a 1 year warranty is expensive but with Floors For Livings Lifetime Warranty I am taken care of for life!!!

Thanks Again
Mike 12-26-16 BPI Claybrook Fusion White 713.410.5470 League City Mat F. Fantastic job, very happy with it. My wife is extremely happy with it.
Thomas 12-19-16 Shaw Petrified Timeworm 510-290-5706 Pearland Tennille I'm very happy with the work the installers did in my house.  The tile is beautiful and Tennille was great, very understanding and helpful.
Max 12-12-16 Shaw Petrefied Ancient 6x36 713-702-2709 Copperfield Ruben We weren't quite sure if we could get are floors done before Christmas. Ruben assured us that it would not be a problem. We even got carpet in our entire upstairs areas. We could not have been any more happier. From service to price Ruben got it right.
Kristen 12-08-16 Mohawk American Estates Spice 713-447-8253 Josh W. Creekside  The installers were very nice ,and polite there were absolutely professional. I went to a new store in Creek side ,and I decided to buy there because, I was very comfortable with Joshua we had a great rapport witch made everything really easy. I got a great deal on my whole first floor ,and I even had them install new baseboards for me. I highly recommend Floors for living. Pictures to come I am so happy with the outcome.
Eric 11-28-16 Shaw Petrified Hickory Fossil 832-455-6591 Copperfield Ruben We wanted to do all our downstairs, but we had a limited budget, thanks to Ruben and the Great sale we were able to get it done and Financed. The installation when as planned; nice and smooth. I want to go ahead and get the upstairs done. As soon as I pay this down I will see Ruben to take care of me.
Monica 11-23-16 Mohawk Via Piave Aurora Cream 832-729-9004 Copperfield Ruben No one wanted to help us. We went to 3 different stores before finding Ruben at Floors for Living. Every where we went they told us that they did not do small jobs. That was the first thing I ask Ruben and to my surprise he said yes.

He also said we can pay with payments and no interest.
My rest of my house needs work. I will sure call Ruben.
Rutha 11-22-16 Emser St. Moritz II  Tan 713-384-9118 Copperfield Ruben I bought laminate, tile, and carpet from Ruben. His installers were nice, clean and fast. I'm recommeding Ruben from Floors to Living to all my Friends
Margaret 11/16/16 Roca Slate Desert 713-985-9440 Copperfield Ruben The installers did a good job. They know what they are doing I would recommended to my friends and thanks to you Ruben for all your help.
Mandi & Jay 10/20/16 Mohawk Vintage Cleft Fantasy Amber 409-771-1066 Leage City Matt M Absolutely wonderful new look. Extremely happy with new tile!
Niesha 09/28/16 Shaw Petrified Hickory Fossil 760-622-8113 Jersey Village Chris We are very happy with our floors. Chris Cherry at the Jersey Village Floors For living Location, made it very easy and helped us pick out a tile and a carpet that we liked. Installation went smooth I would recommend them.
Kurt 11.10.16 Shaw Petrified Hickory Fossil 970-331-6904 Cypress  Nathan Nathan at the Cypress store helped me and my wife find the perfect wood-look tile floor for our home.  The installers did a fantastic job and also did a great job cleaning up after the job was completed.  We were very happy with the price and we were also able to take advantage of their 4 yr. 0% financing sale they were having.
Brian 11-15-16 Shaw Petrified Hickory Ancient 713-516-0721 Cypress Nathan We just bought this home and loved the wood-look tile floor that was in most of the home. The previous owner gave us Nathan's card from Floors For Living in Cypress and we had them install the same tile in the two remaining rooms.  They did an amazing job at an amazing price.
Lynn 11-19-16 Shaw Petrified Hickory 713-526-2888 West University Daniel Everything was great, installers did a fantastic job, Daniel Stevens did great with following up and making sure everything went as planned. West University Floors For Living
Cheryl 11-14-16 Shaw Petrified Hickory Ancient 281-797-5076 Pearland West Tennille We weren't sure what to expect having new floors put in and we were pretty nervous.  Tennille was our sales consultant and she was so sweet, helpful, knowledgeable and took her time with us.  The experience with the installers was extremely pleasant.  The crew was respectful, answered our questions and did a FANTASTIC job.  We couldn't be happier with our floors. Our home looks brand new again and we just really love the way the tile looks like wood, it's just so beautiful.
Stephen 11-08-16 American Tile taos Spruce 6x36 713-417-6569 Copperfield Ruben I'm glad we went to the home show. Their I met with Floors for Living who helped me improve the look of my house. We were directed to the store closest to our home and we were helped by Ruben. The process couldn't I've gone smoother. The installers did a great job. We will be calling Ruben in the future for our fireplace which needs a face lift.
Norma 09/21/16 Shaw Petrified Hickory Fossil 713-292-6201 Atascocita Darryl Love the floors! Not only was Darryl super helpful and patient in selecting my product the installers were great and did a fantastic job.
Ahmer 10-25-16 Shaw Napa Vintage 281-989-2315 Copperfield Ruben  I was on a budget and a time crunch. I had just bought my new house and wanted to upgrade the floors. The design center was extremely expensive and they would not give a warranty. Ruben gave me a lower price, allowed me to pay in payments with no interest and gave me a lifetime installation guarantee. The best part was that the install had to be done the day after the house closed and Ruben was able to get it done. I will use you guys to do the upstairs once I'm ready.
Luis 10-3-16 MSI Pietra 12x24 Veneta Sands 786-302-7591 Katy Ruben Ruben was very knowledgeable very easy to communicate to. The 48 months financing made it affordable. The installers are quality guys that are clean and efficient. Everyone that has seen my tile has complemented me and I have recommended them to go to Floors for Living in Katy.
Brian 09/01/16 Shaw
713/516/1697 Atacocita Joshua Installers where very courteous nice and explained everything step by step. Very Informative.
Chad 10/10/16 Mohawk
Antique Amaretto
832-580-0130 League City Mat Fitzgerald I love it, looks great. I love the color of the tile. It's a great change regarding cleaning and upkeep. The installers showed up and got it done.
Joseph 10-17-16 Roca Slate Sand 281-923-5024 League City Mat Fitzgerald Everything looks good. Guys did a real professional job, the detail in the work. Your guys are first class.
Rosa 8-29-16 Mohawk
Via Piave Nova Beige
281-701-9655 Copperfield Ruben Wow I can't believe what a difference the new tile makes on my home. The service was excellent Ruben went all the way to my home in Spring and told me everything in detail. Now I want to get some wood and I know I can trust Floor for Living to do a Great Job.
 Rhonda 8-9-16 
  Shaw Como 24x24, Color: Beige   713-436-3823  Pearland #5 Matt Gerken
The installers were very respectful and cleaned up after the work with no issues. Very Satisfied
 David 7-28-16 
  Shaw Fired Hickory, Color: Spice Bark   832-627-3010  League City Matthew Martinez
Very happy with the process of installation, and finished product. Everything turned out great!
 Linda 7-26-16 
  Mohawk Mirador, Color: Ivory Cream   832.221.9233  League City Mat Fitzgerald
Went good, they were nice. The installers did a great job, and were very professional. We love it.
 Tom and Melissa 7-24-16 
  Mohawk Treburne, Color: Brown Magnolia   832-654-8684  18 Pamela McPherson
Repair was done timely Everything was just fine. Still loving the floors
 Chad 7-13-16 
  Mohawk Villareal, Color: Almond Spice   832-564-5580  18 Pamela McPherson
Overall Good job. Installers very polite. Tile looks great.
 Alma 6-30-16 
  Mohawk Tryburne, Color: Antique Amaretto   281-757-0095  The Woodlands Rep
Great job! Installer was great, floors look great, salesman Tommy-GREAT!
 Karen 6-21-16 
  Mohawk Vintage Cleft, Color: Carlsbad Beige   713.459.2485  League City Mat Fitzgerald
Perfect. Very satisfied with installers. They did a great job. Makes house look bright and bigger.
 Matt Vander 6-6-16 
  MSI/SHAW, Botanica Teak / Petrified Hickory, Color: Teak / Timeworn   712.574.3673  Pearland #5 Matt Gerken
We are very happy we went with Floors for Living. The installers were skilled and respectful. We are absolutely thrilled with our floors and the service we received.
 Jonathan 6-2-16 
  Mohawk Ava Terrina, Color: Beige   281-389-8343  Spring Daniel Boyer
Just wanted to let Daniel know that we are done, and that Jose and the installation crew was awesome! A few of the guys actually came out on Sunday to help us be done by Monday.. The house looks 20 years more modern!! Unbelievable jobs guys thank you!!
 Sheila 5-31-16 
  Mohawk Via Piave, Color: Meteor Brown   281-389-3979  Spring Ruben
What a beautiful difference from the carpet to my new tile. The installers did a PERFECT job. Even my neighbors now want to get their floors done. I told them to ask for Ruben, he would take care of them.
 Deanna 5-11-16 
  Shaw Petrified Hickory, Color: Ancient   713-376-9602 Spring Daniel Boyer
I can not say enough good things about Floors for Living!! I honestly had a very difficult situation with my old tile transitioning into the new tile i installed, but the guys went out of there way to cut up a few old my old tiles into smaller squeares to create a beautiful mosiac that transitions into the new tile!! they did a great job!! Daniel Boyer was amazing and always professional.
 Patty 5-6-16 
  Shaw Petrified Hickory, Color: Fossil   281-414-8842  Spring (Louetta) Jared Radosevich
My husband is a contractor for 40 years and we were going to install the tile ourselves, however after learning the way Floors For Living does tile it was a no brainer! They did a awesome job! We are very happy and Jared did a great job explaining everything and walking us through the process! We will only use him from now on with every flooring project we have! We love the tile warranty and the free cleaner is great to! Thanks and feel free to contact!
 Laura 5-10-16 
  Shaw Napa 6 x 24, Color: Vintage   281-734-0292  Spring Ruben Reveles
Installers did a great job. My sales rep Ruben was fantastic, I would recommend them to anyone.
 AMY 5-2-16 
 Kristi 3-21-16 
  Shaw Petrified Hickory, Color: Fossil   832-331-1685  Atascocita Darryl Dunham
The installers were great! They worked hard and fast and clean. I would recommend Floors for Living in Atascocita and Darryl to anybody.
 David 3-7-16 
  Ava Terina, Color: Creama   281-324-20149  Atascocita Joshua Whaley
They did a good job and they did it in a quick time they cleaned up ,and did really good. Joshua at Atascocita store was a great help
 David 03-07-16 
  Mohawk Ava Terina Crema   281-324-2019  Atascocita Jashua
They did a good job and they did it in a quick time they cleaned up, and did really good. Joshua at Atascocita store was a great help.
 Tom 03-03-16 
  Mohawk Ava Terina Crema   281-338-0362  Friendswood  Michael L.
The tile is extremely beautiful, especially with the very thin grout line. My installers on time, courteous and professional.  Michael our salesperson was extremely help and we would recommend Floors For Living to everyone.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
 Barbara  02-11-16  Shaw Petrified Hickory 600  281-220-7602  Friendswood Henry    install and look of the tile was great- very happy.
 Catherine  01-06-16  Roca Slate Sand  281-793-5949 Magnolia  Wendy  We are very happy with our new floors!!  The guys were very friendly.  They wanted to make sure that everything they did was to my satisfaction.
 Sadia  12-21-15  Shaw Summerwind Beige  419-973-0415  Magnolia  Wendy We are very happy with our floors. The crews were great! 
 Mike & Trudy  09-26-15  MSI Sonoma Pine  832-655-2169 Magnolia  Wendy   We are so happy with the wood look tile, it is beautiful. Thank you for making this a good experience!! 
 George  11-07-15 Shaw Petrified Hickory Timeworm   832-870-6323 Cy-Fair   Curtis  The whole process was painless.  From Curtis helping us select the flooring, to Victor installing the tile.  We are very pleased with the workmanship, and looks of our new wood tile.  Thanks!
 Valerie  08-08-15 Daltile Fidenza Bianco   713-775-2186  Katy Grand Lakes  Jeri I had 3 bathroom floors installed and they look fantastic. Jeri at the S Peek location was not only great at assisting me with selecting the right tile she was a total pleasure to do business with. I was especially impressed with the installers!They did it right and finished on time as expected. I did pay a little more than I wanted to but I love the small grout lines and I never need to seal them. I will recommend this store for your flooring needs. 
 Kathleen  09-05-15 Shaw Valhalla Beige   713-819-3729  Magnolia  Wendy  The crew was so nice and accommodating.  Thank you for your recommendations!! We just love our floors and so do all of our friends and family!!
Marjorie 08-27-15  MSI Redwood Mahogony   832-628-1415  Magnolia  Wendy Looks Great!!  Crew was so great!!  Excellent Customer Service!! I will be calling on Floors For Living for my next flooring project!!
 Meghan  08-11-15 Maraizzi American Estates   832-314-0527  Magnolia  Wendy  We are very happy with our new floors and the guys were great!!  They were so courteous and patient working around our children.
 Phyllis  08-14-15  Marazzi Western Stone Canyon City  281-419-4884  Magnolia Wendy   I am so happy with how the tile came out in the bathroom and the price was really good that I want you to come out the first of next week to measure to do two more rooms in the house.  I am a member of Angie's List and will put a recommendation on there right now for you.
 Kathleen  08-10-2015 Mohawk Treyburne Whiskey Oak   832-228-7462  Sugar Land Matt F   The Lopez felt that the installers appropriately took a lot of time to do their four steps in wood-look tile and were "very happy" with the finished project. They said that the installers were very considerate of their home.
 Louis  07-20-15 Emser Heritage Walnut   936-228-0178  Magnolia  Wendy We were in a time crunch to get our new flooring before our company arrived and Wendy assisted us in finding the perfect flooring, getting us in the schedule and installed with time to spare.  The crew was very good, we are very happy.
 Sharon & Bill 5-12-15  Shaw Costa D'Avon 832-693-2821   Cypress  Tony Both sets of Installers were good and di a first class job. Our real Estate agent said the work was first class and we sold the home in 10 days. Tony was professional and kept me informed and updated on the work.. Highly recommend...
 Nick  06-22-15 MSI Platino  206-473-0041   Cypress  Tony Tony, The Installers, and FFL followed through on every aspect of the job. They were fair with me and the Installers were honest with me with concerns and ideas. I wanted to do this one time and get it right because it was a major home improvement. The work was finished on or before time, and there were NO hidden charges.
 Prentice 7-02-15  Shaw Petrified Hickory   713-465-7852 Katy I-10  Tom   Tom made the entire process easy to go through.  The Installers did a terrific job.  Everyone was helpful and accommodating.  Installers were professional, respectful and courteous.
 Mary Ann  6-30-15  Mohawk Villareal Almond Spice  832-913-3249  Katy I-10  Aaron  Everything turned out great.  Installers were very professional, and did a wonderful job.
 Mike & tarvia 06-08-15   St.Moritz 12x24 Brick Pattern and Brancacci 18x18 Diamond Pattern 713-614-5709   The Woodland's  Richard  Richard was very honest and knowledgeable with our needs. He helped us choose the products and made the process easier. The installation department let us know when they were coming and the installer were very punctual. To describe the installers with one word they were "AMAZING".  They exceeded any expectations I had set.  I will definitely recommend Floors for Living to my friends, family, and neighbors.  I think anyone who would like punctual installers that are professional with superior products and honest sales department that is very knowledgeable should go to Floors for Living.
 David  06-06-15 Marazzi Artea Averio    Sugar Land   Mat  The shower is just the way I wanted it.
 Isabel  05-09-15  Shaw Petrified Hickory Ancient  832-480-0951  The Woodlands  Richard   I Love my new floors; they look fantastic! I originally called Floors for Living looking for hardwood floors but had concerns that they would not hold-up to my pets "accidents". Richard suggested that I consider looking at the wood-look tiles as an alternative because they provide the look of wood with the durability of tile.  I had family at my house for Mother's Day this past weekend and they were, literally, touching my floor with their hands because they could not believe it was tile.  I could not be happier with my choice to go with the tile instead of the hardwood.  The installers were AMAZING and communicated every step along the way.  They made sure that I was in the loop and knew when they would be arriving each day. They were true professionals in their trade and took pride in their work.  I have already told other people to get their floors at Floors for Living.  Two of them are my mother and my brother.
 Robert 4-11-15   Roca Slate Sand  713-941-4440  Webster  Mat  "They did a really good job. Looks good. They did good work. They worked so very hard."
 Melissa 3-21-15   Vahalla Ivory 281-579-3585  Katy  Jeri   Excellent job! The installers were courteous and professional. The floors turned out beautiful. This is my second project floors for living did for me and look forward to more in the future.
 H Phillips 1-15-15  Mohawk Mirador &
Shaw Petrified Hickory 
 818-256-9665  Spring  Jared  We  did several rooms in my home! It was a big project but they guys did a great job in a reasonable time! The warranty and small grout lines are great! Jared did a great job and I would definitely use them again!
 David  3-03-15  Shaw Vincenca Nocha 13x13  281-438-5075  Sugar Land  Roland  Work done was very professional. Installers were on time and pricing was great.
 Bill 1-26-15   Mohawk Stratford
Willow Branch
 281-658-6746  Cypress  Tom Very impressed with the quality of installation. The installers cut tile around curved walls perfectly and accented stairs complete the design exceptionally well. 
 Gina  12-20-14 Shaw
Petrified Hickory 700 
 832-356-6744  Spring  Jared  The small grout lines are great! Definitely the best tile installations I've seen! Thanks
 Gina  11-06-14 Marazzi TIle
Stone Age Mammoth 
281-345-9110   Cy-Fair John   The installers were very professional and did a WONDERFUL job. They even finished ahead of schedule without compromising quality. Mr. Salazar was our sales associate and took great care of us and we are already recommending others to him.
 Jonathan  8-28-14  Daltile Linen Creme
Click Here for product information.
 832-235-9861  Sugarland  Roland  We were referred from a neighbor to use Floors For Living because they do a thorough job for a good price.  We had our shower done from another company and it was not done for months and price changed throughout the project with the other company.  With Floors For Living they gave price and it was final.  They gave time frame of installs and they completed on time each time.  This was the most professional company I have dealt with in a long time.  That is hard to come by now a days.  I would definitely recommend going to Floors For Living prior to signing any agreement with anyone else.  Roland and Tyler were wonderful on the Sales Process.  Juan Mendoza was awesome on the install of our Tile WE LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
 Ann  9-24-14 Emser Lucerene Grayson  713-466-0007  Cy-Fair   Randy  Very happy with installation. Randy was very helpful.
 Barbara  8-18-14  Mohawk Mirador 832-722-7730  Pearland Pat  Wonderful job, professional installers and knowledgeable sales staff. Thank you!
 Betty  9-4-14  MSI Pietra    Meyerland  Mike L  Tile looks so rich.  Installation went great installer were very professional.  I'd recommend Mike & Floors For Living to all.  Love those little bitty grout lines
 Jayne        Cypress  Jeri  Yes…the carpet was installed on the stairs last Saturday morning as planned and looks terrific.  All my neighbors who come into the house love the floors…people cannot believe the tile is not wood.  They actually bend over to tap on it to make sure I am not teasing them!  They do notice the thin grout lines as well saying they are not even visible (Yea Chocolate grout) like most tile floors.  They love how it does not make any “tile noise” when people walk on it, and some even claim is feels like it has a bit of a padded feel to it as opposed to most tile feeling so hard and cold.  Good floor prep is my response.  Janet came by last week to help me select paint colors for Mundos, and she thought the floors looked awesome.  She loved how the carpet blended with the tile, and she said the team did an excellent job installing the tile because it looks exactly like wood.   Not that her opinion would have changed how I felt about the floor, but I was glad to hear her comments and see her excitement.people are still taking pictures when they come into the house.  I keep telling them to let me know if they are serious about having the same floor installed in their house so I can give them the name of a good salesperson to talk to.
 Charlie  3-12-14 Mohawk Mirador 
Click Here for product information.
 281-797-5936  Katie  David  First, let me thank you so much for getting us through the whole  keeping- 4-dogs-off- downstairs- floors as they were removed and new tile and planking installed. You were absolutely correct in saying that you all have great professional crews. You did such a good job keeping me from flying off my axis and keeping them from walking off the job because I was such a worrier - ha, ha There hasn't been a day that goes by that John or I or both of us comment on just how much we love the we are in the midst of getting new counter tops - shuddering ha ha Even though you moved to a new store you walked us through the whole process, and we appreciate that more than you can ever imagine.
 Al 1-07-14  Shaw - Valhalla -  Beige 
Click Here for product information.
281-440-5421   Cypress  Mary I love my new tile.  Mary was so helpful from start to finish.  The installers were such hard workers and very neat and careful moving my furniture.  I will recommend Mary and Floors For Living to all my friends and family. My flooring purchase was perfect Thanks for the great work!
 Diane  4-22-14  Shaw - Ridgestone - Silver
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 281-498-0927  Sugar Land  Roland I had my floors done from other companies and was never satisfied with the installation and the customer service.  Lets just say I am not easily satisfied.  I have high expectations.  Roland explained everything about the products, and how it would be installed.

I of course was skeptical to say the least.  Now they are installed.  I have to say I am so happy with this company I do not want to even consider other companies.  Price was reasonable.  Company has a heart.  They want to make the customer happy to the fullest.  I love my floors.  I shopped probably 10 different stores and none of them promised me the small grout lines.  None of them sealed my grout.  None of them told me to look anywhere I wanted just as long as I came back to them so they could get product for same price or lower.  Roland was the only one who did all of those things.  LOVE LOVE LOVE MY FLOORS.  Thanks Floors For Living.  P.S.  Now I am doing my other bathroom shower and floor with them.

 Susan  1-18-14  Shaw Petrified Hickory Ancient
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 713-805-8228  Pearland  Ralph  " The crew was very good and the material and service was excellent."
 Anthony  1-11-14 Daltile
Brancacci Windrift
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 281-324-5274  Louetta Curtis  Installers were very courteous and considerate of us living in the home during our new tile installation throughout our house.  Curtis and Jared did a great job of explaining how the whole process would work from start to finish.  Very pleased with the work and with the fact the company actually did what they said they would.
 Thomas  07-10-13 Emser Heritage Wood Look Tile Golden Oak   281-851-0147  Spring  Rick  Installation crew was informative, profession, and polite. The tile looks great. Thank you for a job well done.
 Pat  06-24-13  Marrazzi 16x16 Brazilian Slate  281-370-2045  Spring  Terry  After shopping around for a couple months we realized Floors For Living was the place to buy! With the smallest grout lines, the 15 year sealed grout, and there lifetime warranty we were impressed! They matched a qoute from home depot but we have alot more benefits with the warranties and customer service! The installers were very professional and did a great job and we are happy! I will recommend this company to all! Thanks
George & Sandy   07-07-13  MSI - Tulsa - Beige
Click Here for more product information.
 281-807-5155  Cypress  Jeri  We called the Cypress store after seeing the ad in the  paper. Jeri answered the phone and came over the same day bringing several samples for us to choose from. We appreciated her coming to the house saving us time making the whole experience simple and easy. We are pleased with the tile floor and it looks very pretty. The installers were courteous, neat, they covered everything. They got the job done all in one day and we bought them lunch! Looking forward to our next project with Floors For Living.
 Connie 05-2--13  MSI Sonoma Driftwood  207-548-8490 The Woodlands  Chris  Floors For Living is now our only flooring store. Chris was awesome to work with and both the carpet and tile install teams were very efficient! The selection and price rivaled much larger stores
Amanda  05-20-13  Shaw - Petrified Hickory / Ancient  713-906-7338  Cypress  Cedric  We love how it turned out!  Cedric gave us some great ideas for transitions.  Excited how the floor and fireplace turned out!
Amanda  05-20-13  MSI - Ledger Stone / Golden Honey 713-906-7338  Cypress  Cedric  We love how it turned out!  Cedric gave us some great ideas for transitions.  Excited how the floor and fireplace turned out! 
Charles  05-11-13  Marazzi - The Cliffs / Beige  832-663-5061  Woodlands  Chris  Outstanding workmanship and planning yeilded a perfect result! 
Ed 05-09-13  Arko - Volkan / Multicolor Slate  Spring  Brandon  The 1,100 sf tile project exceeded my expections in every manner from the selection of the materials through the entire installation.  Conscientious professionals sums it up!  
 Brandy 04-27-13  Mohawk - Persico / Cobblestone Beige   281-755-8381  Spring  Jared  Great experience!  Jared was helpful with choosing the design, pattern and transition pieces.  The installers made sure the layout was exactly what I wanted at each step.  They were very clean and careful with my appliances.  i shopped around quite a bit and definitely got the best quality for an unbeatable price with Floors For Living!  And you can't beat a 15 year warranty!  I will be back for my bathroom renovation soon! 
Anh  04-15-13  Mohawk - Mirador / Cameo Beige   Sugar Land  Roland   Was very satisfied with selection.  We had a problem with another companies installation so we needed our tile removed and put new tile down properly.  We did out due diligence to ensure we were getting a good install at a low price.  We highly recommend Floors For Living for any tile installation!   
Christina  03-18-13  Daltile - Ridgeview / Cream  832-405-7444  Woodlands  Chris  It was quick, easy and the quality was great!
Vijay  03-13-13  Mohawk - Sierra / Almond  281-277-7282  Sugar Land  Mike  The grout lines are so thin.  I just love it.  15 year stain warranty is excellent. 
Jacqueline  03-11-13  MSI - Venice / Crema  281-651-4179  Woodlands  Chris  Great price and service!  Installers were clean, efficient and paid attention to detail.  There was no hassle and the finished product looks amazing! 
Eric  03-08-13  Mannington - Cairo / Papyrus  Sugar Land  Mike  Makes the courtyard come alive.  Love those small grout lines. 
Donna  03-04-13  Shaw - Petrified Hickory / Ancient  281-723-7374  Woodlands  Chris  Things could not have gone any better!  Arturo and crew were excellent.  They are professional, hard workers and very nice people.  They are the kind of folks you want to send to a families home.  Thank you so much!  Give me a couple weeks and I'll come in to pick out carpet for the staircase.  Thanks again Chris.  I'm excited!!  
Danielle  02-20-13  Shaw - Petrified Hickory / Fossil  Sugar Land  Roland  I originally wanted a cheap tile but, I fell in love with the wood look tile and did it.  I made the right decision.  They did a super job.
Lessie 02-11-13  Emser - Cordova / Avoria 713-734-7610  Pearland  Sandra  Floors look great I'm very pleased with both the product as well as the installation.  Thank you all very much I wouldn't go anywhere else for my flooring needs.  I'm a customer that made a friend and a great buy all in one day!! 
James  02-04-13 Shaw - Valhalla / Noce Sugar Land  Mike Really makes our baths look so good.  Great installation!
Bruce 02-04-13  MSI - Platino / Rustico 281-794-0240  Woodlands  Chris  Great flooring at a great price!
Melissa 01-29-13  MSI - Botanica / Teak  713-614-5088  Woodlands  Chris  Chris and his crew were very diligent in completing a perfect job!  Thank you! 
 Christopher 01-23-13  MSI - Sonoma / Oak  404-422-2922  Woodlands   Chris Everything went perfect.  They followed through with all that was promised.  Thanks Chris! 
Jeff  01-08-13 Mohawk - Laredo / Taupe  281-469-6193  Spring  Jerry The installers were professional and installed a beautiful room.  The tile is perfect, straight and looks excellent.  I will be back for future work and recommend this business to everyone. 
Sam 12-19-12 Daltile - San Michelle / Vein Cut Crema  281-367-6305 Woodlands  Chris  I have never seen guys so skilled.  My expectations were completely blown away! 
 Trish  11-12-12 MSI - Novanna / Luna   832-620-7005 Spring  Jared Thank you Jared for helping us turn our house into "our home".  We LOVE the floors!  Thank you for making our experience with Floors For Living a great one.  Can't wait to show off the new floors.
 Chris 11-06-12   Shaw - Valhalla / Noce 713-876-1082 Sugar Land   Mike  Miguel did a great job on the installation and took care of an unforeseen problem.  Michael was great. 
Demonica 11-03-12   MSI -  Platino / Rustico 713-344-3371 Woodlands  Chris  Everyone was wonderful!  I love my tile!
Carla 10-31-12  Shaw - Nepal / Glacier 337-849-4707  Sugar Land   Mike Looks great.  Little grout lines. 
Dan  10-22-12  MSI - Onyx / Petre Royal  281-318-1241  Pearland  Ralph The floor and back-splash came out perfect.  Westley and George were GREAT! 
 Vic  09-22-12  Emser Paragon Pattern - Rustic Gold  281-370-7131  Spring  Jared I went all over the place and Jared had the right ideas and the right price. The installation went great and I would recommend this company.
Daltile - Brancacci / Aria Ivory
The price was affordable, the installers did a great job.  Overall we are very happy!
Mohawk - Bucaro / Dorato
We really felt comfortable that Mike cared about our project, and knew the right material to use for the look we wanted.  The installation went great, the installers worked quickly and the finished product is beautiful.  We will gladly recommend Mike, and Floors for Living to our friends and family for any flooring needs.
Mohawk - Stage Pointe / Coffee
Chris was very nice, and extremely helpful in finding something in our budget.  We are very happy!
Mohawk - Montara / Red Rock
We love the new tile, it looks so nice with our new laminate flooring also.  Very happy with the whole process from start to finish!
Mohawk - Mirador / Brown Pearl
The Woodlands
We love the new tile, the installers did a perfect installation!

Vinyl & Luxury Vinyl Customer References
Inst Date
Charlene 06-26-17 Legends
281-354-5546 Atascocita Bryan Fussell Floors For Living recently install Luxury Vinyl Plank in my living room and foyer. I am so happy with the new floors. The installation was great and the installers were nice and respectful of my home.
Bryan in the showroom went out of his way to find me a beautiful floor that fit my budget. I would highly
recommend Floors For Living. 
Darita 05-26-17 Magnitude
Aged Barnwood
281-733-1099 Pearland East Joel The installers were very professional and knew what they were doing.  I love my floors and so do my
friends.  Floors For Living at Pearland East took good care of me.
Justin 04-17-17 Core Tec
Olympic Pine
713-907-8451 Atascocita Bryan Fussell I am very pleased with our new floors recently installed by Floors For Living. The floors look great and our new baseboards were precision installed. I was amazed at how they were able to install baseboard on curved walls. Bryan was helpful in working with us to select just the right floor and was also very patient. I would highly recommend Floors For Living to my friends! 
Veronica 11-05-16 Vinyl
Cortec Plus Ankara Travertine
281-464-9787 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Brandon was awesome! He really did a great job of guiding us to the floors we wanted and with the decision process. The installers were excellent also, they were quick and very nice. We enjoyed
working with Floors for Living and love our new floors!!
Lisa 03-08-17 Vinyl
LVT Prospects
Brazilian Cherry
713-503-7935 Copperfield Ruben "RC" Castro I have been smiling every single day since my new floors have been installed. The installers did a great job; they actually finished the whole house in one day after given a 3 day time frame. It made it easier on us and glad you gave us a realistic 3 day window and delivered above expected.
Melissa 03-06-17 Luxury Vinyl Plank
CoretecPLUS Red River Hickory
615-601-9722 Cypress Chris Newsome Installers were very professional and took great care of me! The Vinyl looks and feels great, I love the way it makes my house look. Chris in Cypress was amazing and took extra special care of me and my situation. He was so kind and helpful; he made the whole process so easy! I will be using Floors for Living again soon!
Bonnie February 2017 Luxury Vinyl with Core Legends Mandella 281-341-0871 Sugar Land Roland Lejeune Jose Sierra was the best installer that I have ever experienced.  Clean every day, helpful, courteous, on time each day.  Did great job, even clean my floors when they finished installing. Roland Lejeune at the Sugar Land Location was most helpful with allowing me to take home samples to decide on colours.  He came to the house and helped with selection and was able to take care of all the paperwork at my house.  This was such a pleasant experience from the beginning to the end of this House Remodel.
Mary 10/05/16 Readers American Plank Bark Hickory 281/593-5772 The Woodland's Tommy Everyone was great, the sales manager that sold us the vinyl and the installers! They did a great job! I'm still getting used to the hard surface, had carpet before. But it all went great.
Teresa 09-28-16 Shaw World Fair Montreal 281-856-989 Copperfield Ruben Incredible, best, satisfied, I don't have any words to describe how pleased I am. Ruben was so professional he did not over promise an under deliver. The installers that prep and installed were TRUE professionals. It's refreshing to work with such professionals. I give Floors for Living a A+.
Nick 09/09/16 Shaw Epicore Three Rivers 281-910-2603 Meyerland Matt G The installers were very knowledgeable and efficient with their time.
Regina 8-29-16 Knoas
Maple Shadow
361-652-6278 Copperfield Ruben I needed to change the carpet. I went to Floors for Living and I was waited on by Ruben he helped me find the perfect color for my home. We did the downstairs areas. My husband and I were so pleased as soon as we pay these floors I will definitely go back to Ruben do my upstairs with the same floors.
 Syndy  8-11-16  Tarkett Fresh Start, Color Clear Water  713-983-8544  Copperfield Ruben  Love it should have done it sooner. The 48 months special financing made it very affordable. Ruben made the whole process extremely easily, I will call Ruben to do the rest of my home as soon as I pay this off.
 Brian  8-8-2016  US Floors Coretec One/Alpine, Color: Alpine Ash  713.540.4323  League City Mat Fitzgerald   Floors look great; fantastic. They got in and out in two days.
 Pam  8-3-16  US Floors Coortec, Color: Boardwalk Oak  281-326-7117  18 Pamela McPherson   Floor looks great! I love my new floor!
 Ben  7-11-2016  Tarkett Dorchester Plank  936-582-6456  The Woodlands Tommy Edwards   The installers were very experienced, new what they were doing, professional, courteous and hard working. I would definitely recommend Floors For Living.
 Jim & Judy  03-07-16  US Floors Cortec Plus
Magate Oak
 281-353-4685  The Woodlands Richard  We are so pleased with our new floors. We visited the Floorsforliving in the Woodlands and loved the patchwork of floors in the showroom. We knew the type of flooring we wanted and received excellent help in choosing the perfect fit for our needs. Our salesperson brought samples to our home and guided us with knowledge and care. On installation day the installers called to let us know when they would be coming. They were professional and helpful. By the end of the week we were trading gardening tips with them. My husband is a disabled vet and not able to move anything heavy.  our installers moved everything back and ask us if there there was anything else they could help us with. We would definitely recommend Floors For Living and happily join the ranks of satisfied customers.
 Kristi  02-25-16  US Floors Cortec Plus  713-253-5212  Friendswood  Michael Leonpacher Great Job.  Michael took care of my needs in the store.  He explained everything very well.  The installers were great, they were very courteous.
I recommend Floors For Living and Michael to all.
Pete & Leanne   09-09-15  Knoa's Platinum Golden Apple  281-356-3339 Magnolia   Wendy  The guys were prompt and professional!! They helped us put everything where we wanted it!!  We love our new floors!!
 Barbara  07-06-15 Lawson - RIver Ranch Fireside  713-248-3093  Katy I-10  Aaron  Could not be happier. Looks amazing. Installers were courteous and professional.
 Kurtis  06-15-15  US Floors Plus Kingwood Oak  281-997-6789  Pearland East Brandon   Service was Great! Installers were very professional and quick. Floors look very good. I really appreciate Floors for Living for giving us a great experience!
 Dale  5-28-15  American Plank  832-916-6656  Spring Jared   We did wood and vinyl and the guys did a great job! We would recommend Jared and floors for living! We appreciate the 10 years of free cleaner from Shaw!
 Andrea 05-13-15  Shaw Classic Plank Roso   713-594-7700  Katy Grand Lakes  Mike L  This material is great.  It save a lot of money because we didn't have to take up the existing floors.  It was installed directly over the existing wood and tile.  It looks great and installers were fast and efficient.  Mike Leonpacher was easy to work with.
 Alussa 5-04-15   Swiff-Train Camden 611  281-814-6140  Woodlands Tommy   The salesman Tommy was awesome, the installers were professional and super fast! The even stayed late to finish a 3 day job in just one day!!!
 Jerry 2-12-15   Tarkett
Brazillian Slate
 Ken  3-24-15  US Floors Cortec  979-732-2181  Katy  Mike  We were so glad to find someone who would come and work in Columbus TX.  Our salesman Mike was very knowledgeable and very helpful.  The installers really know their business and did a wonderful job.  We are telling our friends and family.
 Fred  2-12-14 Mohawk Vinyl   281-353-8455  Spring  Jeon  Another Company installed my vinyl flooring and Floors For Living came out and fixed the problem. Did a great job too.
 Kaylor 4-12-13   Metro Floor Engage -  Woodland Oak  281-687-0625  Friendswood  Chris C. I don't know if you remember me, but you helped me pick flooring for my Bayou Vista house.  It was last summer and yall did the entire house except for the bathrooms.  I told you I would keep you updated on the kitchen remodel and I am just know getting around to sending you the pictures.

The kitchen has been featured on several popular remodel blogs and I have done a guest post on an extremely popular blog.  Also, the house and I will be in the Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen + Bath Makeover Magazine, Summer 2014 being released in May.

We are loving the floors and I have recommended them and Floors for Living to everyone!  I put all your info in my posts.  I hope it sent some business your way.
William  04-22-13  Karndean - Knight Plank / Native Koa  832-360-3587  Pearland  Ralph  We were pleased from start to finish and the floor is awesome.  You can not tell it is not real hardwood! 
Mari  02-07-13  Karndean - Summer Plank / Pine  713-927-4406 Pearland  Sandra Looks amazing what a fabulous floor!  I will be back when I'm ready for the downstairs!  Installers were pleasant to work with as well.
Becca 02-07-13 Karndean - Van Gough / Smoked Oak  713-202-2564  Pearland  Ralph Ralph was Awesome!  So were the installers.
Accu Clic Tile 1251
Sugar Land
Excellent installation of our bathroom floors. Great service from Mike.

Wood & Laminate Customer References

Customer Inst Date Product Phone Store Associate Comments
Kathryn Claire 02-24-18 Antiquation
Wine Barrel
214-507-2422 West U Craig Eubanks  Alex did an amazing job installing. Very professional and the work looks great! Please text me if you are considering using Floors For Living; I would be happy to share my experience.
Manny 02-21-18 Grant Grove
Three Rivers
281-639-9027 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installers were professional. The flooring came out great.
Renee 01-06-18 Barrington
Rustic Suede
832-216-7234 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker  The installers did a fantastic job. The floors look great and I am really happy with the time Chris
took with me when making my decision in the store. 
Richard 01-02-18 Grant Grove
281-352-1811 Katry Grand Lakes Christopher Walker This was the second time I have done business with Floors For Living and it was a pleasant
experience just as before. The floors look amazing. 
Renee 01-05-18 Hickory 5"
832-490-7424 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installation was great. The installers were professional and fast. Couldn't have gone any
Jose 12-11-17 Wonders
Maple Alexandria
713-471-3198 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installation went very well with our laminate. I cant wait to have you guys install our carpet.
Kenneth 12-11-17 Western Traditions
Hickory Ebony
832-885-3227 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker  I was really impressed by the quality of the installation and so was my contractor who was doing other work for me. The floor looks absolutely beautiful! 
Gordon 12-08-17 Precious Highlands
Russett Oak
713-806-4312 Airtex Closeout Center Derek Martin The new laminate floors came out great. Derek Martin and Floors for Living did everything they
said they would and more nothing but true professionals. The installation crew were some of the hardest
working individuals I have ever been around.
Jack 10-23-17 Greyson
Light Amber Maple
713-409-8073 Pearland East Joel Joel was really helpful with our choices and concerns at the beginning of the project.  Then,
the installers that we had were truly fantastic.  The thoroughness by the lead installer was fantastic.  We
would recommend FFL to anybody interested in new flooring.
Christine 11-27-17 Picasso Hickory
832-578-2840 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker The installer work so hard and the attention to detail was amazing. My husband is a contractor
and we were blown away by our installation.
Howard 12-06-17 Hickory 357
832-250-3374 Katy Grand Lake Christopher Walker Install went fast. By the time I knew it they were cleaned up and finished. Very please with the
results. I will be doing the rest of my house with this company in due time.
Rodrigo 12-01-17 Country Hickory
713-594-7700 Katy Grand Lakes Christopher Walker Great job on the installation. Went faster than I had expected. Installers worked very hard.
Brenda 11-24-17 Crown Premium
Golden Pearl
281-620-7177 Airtex Closeout Center Derek Martin Derek Martin was great to work with. He rocks. The installer did a fantastic job, and I cant wait
to get the rest of the house done. 
Nancy 05-2014 Epic 713-503-4269 Spring Jared Radosevich We purchased flooring from a different company 1.5 years before I started noticing noises and
movement to my floors. After trying to contact the company I used I realized I only had a 1 year warranty
and they were not going to help! I stopped into Floors For Living and Jared immedialety came to my house
to figure out the problem! Long story short the previous company I spent $23,000 with installed my wood
the wrong way. Floors For Living not only fixed it but they redid the entire job cheaper than the original
company and I have a Lifetime Warranty. I would suggest that anyone buying flooring buys off Jared at
Floors For Living as it cost me $45,000 in a year and a half to get it done correctly. Feel free to contact me
for any reason.
Carlos 06-05-17 Natural Impact II
Frontier Cherry
713-857-1683 Copperfield Ruben I had shopped at Home Depot and happened to walk in and meet Ruben. WOW was I
impressed his price was less than the $89 install from Home Depot plus: lifetime guarantee, closed
contract, free cleaner. And was I blown away by the installation crew they were awesome. I recommend
anyone out there to go see Ruben you won't be disappointed.
Greg 10-19-17 CDL-12 281-255-8664 Creek Side Joshua Whaley Perfect! The installers were very professional I would highly recommend Floors for Living in Tomball. Joshua made the whole process quick and easy. Thank you.
Peggy 08-05-17 Precious High
Southern Pecan
713-560-8219 Pearland East Joel We Used Floors For Living Pearland East and we are glad we did.  We love our floors.  They took good
care of us and we really loved the installers.  We would recommend Floors to any of our friends.
Paul 07-05-17 Sun River
346-218-1775 Atascocita Bryan Fussell Back in early 2016 Floors For Living installed wood on my staircase with tile risers. They did such a great job I recently had them install over 550sf of laminate on my 2nd level. Once again, it was an amazing installation. The
installers were polite and cleaned up after completion of the job. Bryan, my salesperson took great care of me through the entire process. I will definitely recommend Floors For Living to my friends and family.
Matt 06-07-17 Timberline Oak
Natural Oak
832-260-1872 Memorial Christopher Walker This was our third consecutive job that we worked with Christopher our sales associate on. He meets our expectation every time. He was patient in picking out products that meet our needs and design interest. He was also very flexible with changing our installation dates around multiple times. The installation team did a wonderful job. We look forward to the continual business we will be doing with Christopher and Floors For Living.
Frank 06-19-17 Hickory
979-236-1777 Creek Side Joshua W Floors look just amazing the installers did a fantastic job. I am impressed with the craftsmanship of the workers, and professionalism from Joshua glad I met him at the home ,and garden show in the woodlands. I am very pleased with everything ill be sure to keep coming back for my cleaner. Thanks
Carolyn 06-05-17 Crown Premium
Golden Pearl
832-466-952 Pearland East Joel  "We love our floors.  Joel helped us get the perfect floor and the installers were great.  They finished really quickly" 
Joyce 05-26-17 Marigold
High Gloss
713-819-3740 Copperfield Ruben I went in looking for floors and was waited on by Ruben. He explained the process very clearly. The installers came in within a week and they look great. I knew I made the right decision going with Ruben.
Ronald 05-11-17 Nobel House
English Leather
832-752-6958 Atascocita Bryan Fussel I previously had Floors For Living install a hardwood floor in a living room, entryway and hallway. I was converting 2 bedrooms into 1 larger room and wanted to carry the
same hardwood floor throughout. Floors For Living did an outstanding job weaving the new hardwood into the existing wood floor.  It completely eliminated the need for transition molding in the floor. I am extremely happy and would recommend Bryan(our salesman) and Floors For Living to anyone.
Rosie 05-04-17 Prestige
Sunset Hickory
713-504-1374 Airtex Derek Martin I spoke with Derek Martin at the Airtex location on the phone and a couple days later he brought samples to my house a measured the room. He explained everything to me, and everything he said they would do they did. Rafael is an excellent installer. He took great care when moving my furniture.
He also cleaned everything up when he was done. The floor looks excellent. I hadn't planed on doing any other areas but Derek is coming back out to measure my living room and hall. 
Jim 04-25-17 Shaw Wynfield 5 inch Hickory
Weathered Saddle
281-243-1730 Sugar Land Roland Lejeune We have just completed our third flooring project with Roland Lejeune, Floors For Living, Sugar Land. Since 2014, we return to FFL because of their intangibles of customer-focus and people-skilled staff and installation crews. Adding these traits to their excellent product lines and pricing, we are most satisfied and happy every time with their flooring result. 
Ilavia 04-25-17 Sabline 
Toledo Bend
832-294-7652 Creekside Josh F Installers did a wonderful job. Even with the tile removal no mess was made. Color matched perfectly to my built ins.
Tammy Swhiener 04-28-17 Crown Premium Onyx Pearls 281-468-9201 Creekside Joshua W Awesome job!! The installers were very hardworking from start to finish. They work really fast, and was able to finish the job sooner that expected. I did a lot of shopping and research before i decided to go with Floors for living the main reasons for going with them other than being less expensive was they don't use third party installers that was very appealing to me. Also my neighbor referred me to Joshua, and I received the same great service my neighbor did. I highly recommend Floors for living.
Amy 04-27-17 Reiver Ranch
281-414-4845 Copperfield Ruben Easy experience dealing with Ruben he made the process painless. The floors completely changed the look of my living room. Thanks !!!!
Corinne 03-23-17 Medieval Gulf Breeze 281-484-1670 Pearland East John  I love my new floors, the installers did a fantastic job. I'm verry happy, John helped me pick out the color and everything looks great.Thanks 
Macarthur 04-17-17 Revolution II Hickory Baltic Brown 713-360-8838 Copperfield Ruben  Our experience with Ruben was so different than the previous place we had bought flooring.
His service and attention was off the charts. Are floors turned out better than we thought. 
Tissher Williams 03-28-17 Platinum
Golden Apple
281-437-4610 Meyerland Matt Gerken The entire installation process was a breeze. They worked in the living room and the kitchen first, then proceeded to finish the back of the house. 5 days were scheduled for the job but the installers managed to finish in only 2 days!! Very pleased with the work and service from the installers and Matt.
Alison 03-17-17 Crown Premium
Golden Pearl
832-274-6660 Copperfield Ruben I wasn't sure between tile and laminate, I had heard bad things about laminate but Ruben went over everything with me and I could not be happier with my  laminate. On the date of installation the crew came in at 8:30am and they were done by 2pm.
 Great job and efficient. 
Linda 03-29-17 Manor Ridge
Radical Rustic
713-882-5840 Pearland East Joel Grace We LOVE our new floors.  The installers were great and Joel has been very helpful with me and a couple other of my family members.  We would recommend Floors For Living to anybody interested in new floors.
Theona 03-22-17 Laminate 
Revolution Hickory Baltic Brown
281-865-6416 Copperfield Ruben We needed laminate and the color that Ruben suggested was perfect. We are so happy that we will be doing the rest of the house in the future.
Joann 03-21-17 Laminate
Albion Maple Whiskey
281-732-1554 Creek Side Joshua Whaley The installer was absolutely wonderful he could have not been more nice, professional and
knowledgeable. He was a extremely hard worker that did not stop once i must commend this young man i think he needs to be on as many or your jobs as he can because he was exceptional. Melvin was very efficient i was just absolutely impressed with him and his work.  Joshua kept me informed and was very responsive he was excellent from the first day i walked in. He would answer all my questions and was  very professional. I am thrilled with how the floors came out I would highly recommend Melvin and Joshua to everyone.
Rueben 12-03-16 Laminate
High Gloss Marigold
832-579-6199 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Installers were great! They did a good a job and we are so happy with our new floors. Brandon did a great job helping us with our project.
Michelle 01-09-17 Wood
Medieval Miramar
832-380-1921 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Our Floors look great! Both Installers and Brandon did a great job throughout the whole process. We are very very Happy!!
Chip 08-18-16 Laminate
Liberty Smoke
281-224-5178 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Installers did a great job with install. Floors look great. We are very happy with Everything.
John 02-16-17 Laminate
Liberty Smoke
832-731-8874 Pearland East Brandon Mayfield Brandon did a great job with working with us and love the laminate. Installers were great as well. We enjoyed the whole process!!
Leslie 03-20-17 Laminate
Liberty Cannon
979-864-9049 Pearland West Shawn Bates (Manager) We are so pleased with our new floors. Shawn was able to find us the perfect floors for our
colors and budget. It looks better than I expected. I was surprised at how well they cleaned everything up when they were done. I have been posing the pictures on the Shadow Creek Facebook Page for everyone to see. I highly recommend see Shawn for new flooring
Paul & Shirley 03-20-17 Wood
Grant Grove
832-262-5886 Airtex Derek Martin Derek Martin with the Airtex store was wonderful. The installers answered all of our questions,
and were some of the hardest workers we have ever had do work for us. The floors look beautiful and look great next to our tile in the kitchen.
James 03-13-17 Laminate
Haver Mill
Soft Copper Oak
281-290-8101 Creek Side Joshua W I am perfectly happy with everything the installer were accommodating and did amazing work.
Joshua had a very impressive presentation ,and was a joy to do business with. They really know there stuff. Getting ready to have my carpet done next.
Emily 03-08-17 Laminate
Crown Premium Sapphire
281-221-2401 Pearland East Joel Grace Joel with Floors for Living was very helpful with our flooring requirements and they we able to get our installation done quickly which really helped us.  The crew was great and we really love our new floors.
Natasha 03-10-17 Laminate
Urban Tory
443-691-6126 Airtex Derek Martin We shopped around at a few different stores and we bought from Floors for Living Airtex because of Derek Martin. He was great to work with. Also, their installers did a fantastic job. My new laminate and carpet look great.
Carla 03-16-17 Laminate
Platinum Colorado Birch
832-928-1630 Copperfield Ruben I never went into the store. Talk about service, Ruben found the floor that would look the best
in my house. I could not wait for the install. The crew was amazing.
I need 3 more bedrooms and will call Ruben
Linda 02-15-17 Naturesort Rustica Wild Oak (713) 204-3820 Atascocita Bryan A while back Floors For Living installed laminate in my master bedroom.
I have enjoyed it so much that I just had them put the same laminate in my entire upstairs level. Bryan was easy to work with and the installers were great. I would recommend Floors For Living to any of my friends.
Ralph 02/23/17 Southtern Traditions Laminate Concord Charter Oak (713) 907-6012 Copperfield Ruben My House has drastically changed with my new floors. Ruben was a great help and patient working with us. The crew he sent was outstanding. I trust them to do do any ones floors.
Robert 01-26-17 Southern Traditions Condord Charger Oak 432-413-1520 Pearland West Ryan Ryan worked with us, and gave us a great price on our laminate, and all with a lifetime installation warranty. The installers were great. They scratched a plank while putting our furniture back in place and immediately took the flooring back up, and replaced the plank. Outstanding customer service.
Ermie 06/07/17 Mohawk Rockford Oak Gunstock (281) 812-4104 Atascocita Darryl I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out. The installers were super professional and did a a fantastic job. Darryl was very helpful in helping us find a floors that would coexist with our existing wood. Definitely recommend Floors for Living.
Viviana 01-30-17 Lawson Laminate Crown Premium Peridot 713-966-9593 Atqascocita Bryan Floors for Living did an outstanding job working with us to get our beautiful laminate floors. The installers did a great job and
Bryan was so easy to work with. We were able to take advantage of their interest free financing, which made our project possible. I will definitely be recommending Floors for Living to all of my friends.
Isabella 01-16-17 Lawson Laminate Crown Premium Ambler 281-793-4357 Atascocita Bryan Thank you Floors For Living for doing an encredible installation of my new laminate floors. Everything was perfect from the purchasing experience to the installation to the selection. Bryan was so nice to work with and he even personally brought my first free bottle of floor cleaner to me at home.
Katherine 01-30-17 Mohawk Laminate Chalet Vista 832-387-1538 West U Daniel The Floors look amazing and is everything I wanted them to be. Finished a lot sooner than expected and very happy. Thanks
Christine 01-16-17 Lawson 19th Centry awhitman 281-374-7245 Creek Side Joshua W. Wonderful, Great, everybody was professional. Joshua was very informative ,and helpful. The installer do great work I am thrilled with how everything turned out. We were waiting for the Creek side store to open up because we have always been impressed with Floors for living.
Pamela 1-06-17 US Cork Traditional Planks Mondego 713-416-0333 West University Daniel Very pleased with the installers. Very surprised they finished in the amount of time I gave them, considering the work involved. Will be back to do backsplash.
Scott 11/30/16 Shaw Tacoma Hickory River Hickory 281-541-2968 Jersey Village Melissa If you're in the market for new wood floors, tile or carpeting... I highly recommend Floors For Living and their top sales associate Melissa Psencik... she made the entire process very enjoyable from selection of the new wood floors to installation and care/ maintenance!
Thanks Melissa
Debra 12-22-16 Knoa Revolution H Majectic Valley 713-937-4073 Jersey Village Melissa Laminate and Carpet looks great, my family and friends love it!! The installers did an amazing job and got it installed before Christmas as promised. Melissa was an awesome salesperson and would definitely recommend them to anyone!!
Abbasi 12-24-16 Knoa Albiori Maple Rustic 281-358-4831 Creek Side Joshua W The guys were great! They did a awesome job cleaning up and moving the furniture back how it was. Joshua in Creek side was very knowledgeable he brought samples to the house and he gave us a really good deal. Ill be giving a few of my friends his card. I know he will do the same for them.
Sara 12-21-16 Knoas Laminate Platinum Golden Apple 346-229-5776 Copperfield Ruben Ruben came to my house brought me all the samples. I found the one. I only wanted to do 2 rooms but Ruben help me in deciding into running it down the hall. I'm glad I did that. My house looks so much better. I did all this without ever driving to his store. The installers were even more impressive so nice and professional. I'm a customer for life.
Kierra 12-21-16 Natursort Laminate Hacienda 409-543-7498 Pearland  Tennille I love my new floors. The workers did a great job! I worked with Tennille from the Pearland store and she was very knowledgeable and helpful with answering all my questions and kept me updated on the product!
Debbie 12-07-2016 Master BP Lamiante Grand Selection Oak Sand 713-806-2846 Creek Side Joshua W We were taking up the tile that came with our house in our kitchen and bathroom ,and replacing it with laminate. The laminate is beautiful it looks just like wood. Joshua made picking out the laminate really easy we were able to pick it out and he did the measure the same day. The installers were great they did a awesome job. The whole process was simple and easy. Ill highly recommend floors for living.
Sharon 12-17-16 Lawson Laminate River Ranch Ashford 832-653-6540 Copperfield Ruben We had gotten a quote from Empire. I'm glad a went to see Ruben before we made our decision he gave us a better price, a better product, a longer warranty, and better financing. He also showed us how bad Empire's reviews were. The installation crew did a great job. We can't wait for our carpet.
Gina 12-16-16 Lawson Heritage Laminate Hickory Bourbon 281-802-8029 Copperfield Ruben I was trying to match an existing floor and was just exhausted looking for one  until I found Ruben. He found it and had it installed 5 days later. Talk about service. We will be doing the other rooms at a later date. I could not be happier.
Hector 12-07-16 Mohawk Havermill Crisp Autumn Oak 281-549-4376 Magt F. League City  "Everything is good. They did a very good job. They are good people, and worked really hard, left everything clean. Nice people."
Shalane 12-01-16 Laminate Independence Gonzales 281-702-4638 League City Mat F. Customer said that she was very impressed with installers for both her carpet and wood-laminate installations. She said that both the flooring consultant and installers were very professional. The floors are, Absolutely beautiful, perfect. The installers worked non-stop, called in advance, gave an ETA, then arrived at their ETA.
Allen 11-08-16 Wood Monster Boca Del Mar Acacia Aztec Tan 713-240-6700 Pearland West Ryan "We had 1,200 of hardwood installed. Looks great! Ryan Douglas followed us to our house from the show room and measured. the work was done in 4 days and the crew was very professional."
Rutha 11-14-16 Knoas Platinum Natural Acacia 713-384-9116 Copperfield Ruben I bought laminate, tile, and carpet from Ruben. His installers were nice, clean and fast. I'm recommeding Ruben from Floors to Living to all my Friends
Heather & Mike 10-27-16 Readers Medieval 7" Mission Bay 281-253-4036 Leage City Mat M Very professional, installers answered all questions, floor looks great.
Norma 11-17-16 Lawson Laminate Long Beach 832-752-4092 Pearland  Shawn We purchased our new floors from Shawn Bates at the Pearland store. We were having this home built and Floors for Livings Subject to Close program allowed us the get everything done in the time we needed and without having to pay until after we closed! This made the closing of our new home go very smooth. Shawn was very helpful throughout the entire process and kept in contact with us the whole time. The installers were very pleasant to work with and did a fine job. We are very happy!
Harold 10-28-16 Shaw Tacoma Hickory Flint River Hickory 832-846-5219 Jersey Village Melissa I purchased my flooring from Melissa Psencik and am extremely happy with the overall experience from Melissa's attention to detail/knowledge to the Installer's excellent installation of flooring. And to top it off they even finished a day early! I would definitely recommend this store and Melissa. Thank you!!
Carol 11-07-16 Mohawk Havermill Antique Leather Maple 979-709-2477 Pearland West Shawn I cant tell you how happy I am with Shawn Bates and his installers. We had such a horrible experience shopping the flooring stores in the Lake Jackson, Clute and Angleton area. After looking at their reviews, we found we were not alone. My daughter and I then shopped several stores in Pearland and when we meet Shawn at Floors for Living we knew we finally found a professional. Shawn took the time to sit down with us, address all our special concerns and answer our questions about the different materials. He made the entire process very easy for us and it was even less that what the stores down here were trying to charge us. The installers were right on time and did a wonderful job putting our new floors in. Shawn helped us select just the right floor for our home it looks amazing! We couldnt not be happier.  We are already spreading the word.
Steve 10-29-16 Shaw Epic Mineral King Granite 281-443-1454 Creekside Joshua Installers were great they did a amazing job. They were quick and courteous also there were very fast. I love my new floors ,and have already gotten the oohs and aah's from my friends and neighbors. Great experience.
Tom 10-24-16 Readers Medieval
Mission Bay
281-859-6449 Copperfield Ruben Super!!! Came in to the store Ruben greeted us and showed us several floors until we deiced on the one for the den. We only stopped by to get wood floors but also ended buying carpet for the whole house. The wood installers preped the floors and made sure the wood was installed just right. Everything was GREAT.
Inez 10-24-16 Shaw Natural Impact II Toasted Pecan 713-409-7928 Copperfield Ruben  Ruben was Outstanding he came to our house brought the samples. We were able to pay with payments. He did everything all the paperwork in house, Wow. Installers were clean and did a terrific job. I can't say enough if I ever did flooring again I'm calling Ruben. Oh I almost forgot we got FREE cleaner for 10 years.
Jennie 10-24-16 Readers Medieval Mission Bay 713-885-1196 Copperfield Ruben Picking hardwood can be difficult. Ruben explained everything so clear. I did my whole house including the stairs.
It's night and day difference from the old carpet we had. We did have a little hiccup during the installation process. But I called Ruben and he was in my home that same night at 8:30pm. The next day Jeff the installation manager had everything resolved. Jose did an outstanding job doing the install. I've already told several friends about Ruben.
Thank you and to all the people behind the scenes that made this happen
Nancy 10-20-16 Shaw Grant Grove Canyon 713-817-7922 West University Daniel Daniel did a very good job in listening to what I wanted, installers did a great job, and moving all my heavy furniture for free was great. I will come back to do the first floor when ready.
Latoya 10/27/16 Readers River Ridge Liano 337-251-1826 Pearland Tennille  I had wood floors installed by Floors for Living and am extremely happy with the outcome. The installers were very nice, professional and did an amazing job. Tennille from the Pearland location did a fantastic job assisting me throughout the process.  She was very friendly and helpful. I love my new floors and highly recommend this store, I'll be returning soon to have them do my back splash in the kitchen next.
Mike 1-27-16 Readers Medieval 7" Mission Bay 281-253-4038 League City Mattew M. The installers were very professional! They answered all the questions we had, showed up when they said they would, and cleaned up spotless after the install. The finished floor looks AMAZING!
Phong 09-01-16 Lawson
High Gloss
512-789-8795 Meyerland Matt G. My floor looks great and installers were very courteous and quick.
 Robert  8-3-16 Shaw Landmark/SA536, Color: Lumberjack Hickory/786   281.794.6038  League City Mat Fitzgerald  Great, real happy with it. Real nice two young men, did a great job.
Barbi  7-24-16 EarthWerks Frontier, Color: Crockett   281-923-7139  18 Pamela McPherson  Repair went well. Installers will come back next week to bring another transition piece.
 Peggy  7-22-16 Lawson Hickory, Color: Newport   832-259-5824  Pearland #5 Matt Gerken  The installers were very quick and efficient with their time. Courteous to everyone in the house during installation, and my floors looks beautiful.
 Erika  07-11-16 Lawson Lawson Divine, Color: Maple Ginger   832-713-2837  Pearland #5 Matt Gerken  The installers were very quick and respectful
 Earl  7-7-16 Naturesort Boca del Mar, Color: Boca del Mar   2818301936  Atascocita Joshua Whaley  Installer did a great job.
 Karen  6-30-16 Southern Traditions Independence, Color: Goliad