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Top Reasons To Choose Floors For Living 

Real Hardness Ratings

The standard test for wood hardness is called the Janka test. The higher the rating the harder the wood is to dent. Because of our concrete floors and our humidity, solid wood floors are not recommended in our area. The problem is that most stores use solid wood Janka ratings instead of testing the actual engineered wood that they are selling. These are never correct.
The core that is used in creating an engineered floor determines its hardness. To increase profitability, or to be more competitive, stores use a softer wood in the core which creates a floor easier to dent or scratch.
We test the actual wood floors and post the Real Hardness Ratings for our products as well as the box stores. Our tests have shown us that the same wood (sold hickory - 1820 rating) with different cores can test out to be really soft (Heritage Hickory from Home Depot - 849 rating) and really hard (Epic Plus from Shaw – 2584 rating).
Better information helps you to make a better choice for your home.

Better & Healthier Installation Options
Glue Down:  A common adhesive used by our competition is Titebond 811. It has moisture protection up to 3 lbs. and a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) rating of 28g/l.
• Better – Our adhesive gives our customers up to 10 lbs. or 333% more moisture protection than one listed above.
• Healthier – Our adhesive has a VOC rating of .10 g/l or 270 times less Volatile Organic Compounds than the one listed above.
Floated: Floors for Living uses a combination of a moisture barrier and cork.
• Better – Our moisture barrier allows for air flow while not allowing for moister to penetrate from below. The combination of the second layer of cork gives you superior sold absorption that meets the specifications of the most rigid building codes.
• Heathier – Both the moisture barrier and the cork are very antimicrobial and resistant to mold and mildew.

New Moisture Resistant Installation

We use the same installation method that is required to achieve the New Manufacturer’s Topical Waterproof Warranty. This method gives our customers the Best Protection and Best Installation possible on all of our laminate and wood Installations.
  • To accomplish this method, we fill all expansion spaces with compressible PE Foam Backer Rod and cover with Silicone Sealant. Silicone is shrink-proof and crack-proof and is ideal for waterproofing.

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10 Keys to Make “Your Best Choice” and to “Avoid Future Financial Risks”


Free For Our Customers
The Best Floor Cleaner for the First 10 Years!  
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Your happiness with your floor is directly related to the products you use to maintain it. Most cleaners leave residue behind that attracts dirt and makes the finish look dull. After 6 months of testing we found a cleaner that was easy to use, leaves no residue and is safe for your family and pets. Because we care about our customers we provide the best floor cleaner free of charge for the first 10 years. This is a $1600 value if purchased though Amazon. Click Here to learn more!

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Lifetime Residentialtial Installation Warranty

Installation is guaranteed to be professional and up to top industry standards. Should the original purchaser require service to correct improper installation (which has not been necessitated by improper cleaning or abuse or as a result of movement or settling of the installed structure) at any time during the life of the floorcovering, Floors For Living will provide the service at no additional charge. If additional product, that was originally purchased from Floors for Living, is needed to complete the repair Floors for Living will provide it. This warranty applies only to owner occupied residential installations and does not include outdoor installations.

Installation warranties are non-transferable. If floorcovering is purchased for the sake of reselling the property, and the home changed ownership within 6 months, the new homeowner will receive all benefits of the original installation warranty.