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Although we love when you bring in any inspiration we find that Pinterest has some perks that are fairly unmatched to anything else. Here are a few reasons why.


Pinterest recommends to you inspiration similar to what you have saved

You could search Pinterest for years. There is enough inspiration content to last a lifetime but the nice thing about Pinterest is once you start curating a board to match your aesthetic Pinterestwith start to recommend posts that have similar styles or people that have saves your stuff have also saved. Your feed will quickly become curated to you! So you can find inspiration you love that you didn’t even know you wanted. You’ll quickly have an entire board (or multiple, it can get pretty addictive) that you can bring into any of our Houston showrooms.


You can save boards for various styles or rooms

Whether you are redoing your whole house or just a couple of rooms you will likely want flooring specific to each room or at least certain rooms. On Pinterest, you can create different boards for a different room. So you can save all your favorite kitchens to kitchen boards and pretty living rooms to a living room board. The organization of the platform makes it easy to build your whole house aesthetic if you want!


We have a Pinterest so you can save products that we offer.

This allows you to be confident that we will have the look you love. We can always find you a look similar to what you find with our countless options it is easier to find but exact matches are likely ideal. So check out our Pinterest when starting the process.


Whether it’s Pinterest or just photos you found online it never hurts to show one of our flooring experts the look you are going for. We will ask questions and give input on what we think will be the best fit for your lifestyle and curate those suggestions to match whatever beautiful interior design you are looking for.


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